The Culture of Hate and War (video)

germanrefugeesIn one 33-second video (seen below), you can literally hear the culture of hate and war perpetuated by terrorists like Hamas, the PA, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and others.

A preschool female holds a knife in her hand and says that she wants to “stab a Jew” because they “stole our land.” The video is translated by MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute). For the citizens of Israel, it is an incomprehensible danger 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But it is not Israel alone that is being attacked – Western culture itself is under assault.

One teenage terrorist

Recently, the leader of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, accused Israel of executing a 13-year-old boy, Ahmed Manasra. It wasn’t true, he was in the hospital after  he and his 15-year-old cousin attempted to stab a Jewish boy. It was their desire to become a martyr. Thirteen years old. It is how the Islamists train their children, brainwashing them, repeatedly showing them how to hate and feeding that narrative to them on a constant basis.

Ahmed Manasra is only 13 years old and wants to be a martyr -photo via Breaking Israel News

The Culture of Hate and War is flooding into Europe

We interviewed a man who is a former member of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), and an anti-terrorist expert. He told us that Islam is one of the most extreme cultures in the world. He stated that their culture of hate and war, the lack of humanitarianism “will change the culture of Europe” as the refugees flood into their countries. And he is correct.

The irrational nature of Islam cannot be equated with Western ideas and values. They do not comprehend “reason” or negotiations for peace because they are in a different world entirely from ours. Their view is through the lens of Shariah, a barbaric and rigid system of government that has no place in modern times. But by that same lens…they are rapidly changing the landscape of the world.

culture of hate and war
German refugees -photo via intellihub

The transformation of a continent

Freedom is being ratcheted down in all formerly liberty-minded countries. Tolerance is being turned on its head to embrace the devil himself out of fear and intimidation. Riots and anger are transforming the entire continent of Europe as massive amounts of crime ripple across the continent.

Breitbart reported that rapes by Muslims are on the rise across Europe.

“Our leaders are now allowing men from violent misogynistic cultures, where women are stoned to death for being raped, to come to Europe in massive numbers. They’re allowing known rapists to mingle freely with European women. They know what this will mean for our safety, but they do it anyway…

So it is the girls who have their freedoms removed, and the emphasis is placed on their behaviour, while rapists are permitted to run free. This is only the start. Will girls be prevented from playing sports to avoid “misunderstandings”? Just how much freedom are our leaders going to give away to appease Muslim men? We’ve already handed over free speech, now it’s time to hand over women’s freedom.

It should come as no surprise that free speech has disappeared in Europe as the Muslim population has grown. ”  Anne-Marie Waters, Breitbart

Swedish officials have stated that their country is drowning in Muslim refugees. And the UN has estimated that by 2030, Sweden will have become a third world nation. They have 55 no-go zones, as we previously reported.

Germany, England, Denmark, Norway, France – all European countries – are destined to be a shadow of their former selves.  It will be a fight for survival amid people who have no concept of western culture and do not want it. It has nothing whatever to do with compassion…it has to do with the survival of Western Culture. It is cultural jihad at its finest.

We are next

That same problem is threatening America. With open borders and Muslim refugees flooding into our nation, with them comes a culture so foreign, so extreme that Americans cannot comprehend it. We want to be “loving” and kind, we want to be “tolerant” of others. But we are being transformed as well. We are changing rapidly into something we will regret one day. We are shedding human rights, women’s rights, all that we have fought so hard for, to embrace a draconian way of thinking. We will pay for it eventually, and not just out of our pockets.

Here is the 33-second video of a young Palestinian preschooler stating that she wants to stab a jew.

[Ed. note: As we reported earlier, an animated map posted by Liberty Unyielding’s Ben Bowles shows the migration/invasion in real time — and it isn’t pretty…]


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