The Citadel and The Muslim Female – Should she be allowed to wear the hijab?

The Citadel in South Carolina is one of the premier Public Military Colleges in the United States. According to the Washington Post, a female Muslim student has asked for a religious accommodation so that she can wear the hijab. If granted, it would be the first time in the history of the college that any such exemption was given.


Bye-bye uniforms

Students at the Citadel have a strict uniform code. The military nature of the school is meant to train leaders for service to their country. The school has been praised for its academics and leadership skills.  They began admitting women in 1996.

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Unhappy students

Some students are not happy with the idea of allowing the exemption. Plus, the Citadel is currently researching which unit to put her in, and trying to figure out how to make her feel “welcome” because there are several other Muslims in the student body.

Here is one of the student’s reactions to the situation, as reported by Breitbart.

“…If I valued liberal ideology, I would go to UC Berkeley. I’d wear, say, and do whatever I wanted and it wouldn’t cost the university any time or money for me to do so. If I valued conservative ideology and wanted to challenge myself in a military environment, I would go to the Citadel. It’s no secret that you can’t wear what you want when you’re at the Citadel. You’re punished even for wearing what you want when you’re not on campus. But, those who come here are signing up for that, no matter how much they hate it (we do). So it’s not unfair to those people who want to join an organization with the intentions of excluding themselves from the regulations, it’s unfair to those who practice within the realms of those regulations. It’s unfair to the school having to change rules and adjust to the individual, when the individual could’ve gone to USC without incident. Your expression of self shouldn’t place a burden of cost on others.

This girl should be welcomed to the Corps with open arms, as should any person of any religion, race, gender, or identity. That’s equality. It’s not equality to let one of those groups follow a different set of rules. Equality means the same set of rules for everyone. Not different rules for different people. It means accepting everyone, and giving them the same tools to succeed as the rest. The inwardly self-contradictory arguments of the Left disagree with this mindset and I truly believe that if those arguments continue to prevail, this country will no longer be what it once was…” Nick Pinelli

What’s the REAL reason for this request for exemption?

First, the Pentagon started a slippery slope by accommodating Sikhs who wished to wear their beards and turbans. With that precedent set, the school may be liable for the high cost  of fighting such a request if she should sue them (oh, and she will, guaranteed). Time and resources are being wasted as the school tries to figure out how to accept this woman.

Think about this: just like the fake “clock boy” incident, doing something that creates a firestorm over an issue that should NEVER be considered…is what these folks do.

Mr. Pinelli has been called a “bigot” for his views, as well as the other students who oppose her request. The PURPOSE IS TO DESTROY – to tear down what has been in place so that they can claim victory over a portion of American life.

That lack of understanding will one day be the final downfall of America…unless people wake up.

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