The American City That Disappears Forever if Hillary is Elected

Riverton city epa gave awayMany of you may not be aware, but in 2014, the EPA gave away an American city with 10,000 people and two small towns away to the Indians.  This was just another unconstitutional act by an unelected official at a government agency, despite the fact that Congress had resolved the matter back in 1905.

How can landowners be forced to forfeit their homes without compensation?  Now, if Donald Trump is elected, his EPA could reverse the order or declare the giveaway illegal.  However, what are the chances Hillary Clinton would do the same thing?

The fate of the city of Riverton, Wyoming and two smaller towns along with 1.05 million acres of land will be decided by this year’s presidential election.  Riverton has a population of 11,000 people.  In 2014, the EPA gave the Wind River Reservation three cities and the million acres of land without consent of Congress.

In fact, they violated US law because the boundaries of the Wind River Reservation was set in 1905 by an act of Congress based on two decades of treaties.  The displaced Americans stand to lose every dime they have paid for their homes without compensation.

If Donald Trump is elected, there is little doubt he will have his EPA reverse the decision of Obama’s EPA.  Equally obvious is that if Hillary wins, the politically-correct faction will allow the order to stand.  Imagine paying a mortgage for 30 years and then finding out you must move out of the home you can’t sell.  The decision was actually reached in agreement between the EPA, the Department of Interior, and Department of Justice.

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