Thanks to Obama, gun sales rise – especially ‘mouse guns’ and FPGs

.45-caliber derringer. Photo: Pinterest.com.
.45-caliber derringer. Photo: Pinterest.com.

According to more than a few reputable news organizations, Barack Obama just may be the best gun salesman the firearms industry never hired. And as it turns out, not only are the 10 and 12 gauge shotguns, .50-cal hand cannons, and 5.56 mm long distance shoulder fired weapons flying off the shelves.

As of late, certain weapons with less-than-threatening monikers such as “mouse gun” and “Glock in the box” are also hot sellers in case of a sudden outbreak of Zombie Apocalypse, the never popular TEOTWAWKI (The End of the World as We Know It), or the Democrats geting their way when it comes to fundamentally changing the Second Amendment; whichever comes first. Case in point would be the recent article penned by Mike Boyle on The Daily Caller news portal on Apr. 28, 2016.

With 1-4 shot derringers or pint-sized revolvers once wielded mainly by rascally riverboat gamblers or cops as their BUG (Back Up Gun), Boyle cites that everyday citizens are now snapping up both micro and folding guns. And they definitely aren’t your granddad’s Saturday Night Special stuffed in his back pocket.

As noted by Boyle, the smallish shooting irons, popularly known as “mouse guns,” aren’t just glorified conversation starters or fashion accessories. Specifically, Boyle wisely admonishes, “Never lose track of the fact you might actually have to shoot someone with your carry piece in order to save your life or a loved one.”

While popular culture has often correctly painted the picture of yesteryear’s derringers and BUGs as small caliber weapons of last resort, today’s security conscience man on the go or no-nonsense “you’ll eat orange slices and like it” soccer mom can legally purchase pistols no bigger than a playing card, or those indistinguishable from a smartphone or a high-tech flashlight.

As seen on the photo above, micro-pistols of a caliber capable of dropping a horse are available for law abiding citizens. As seen in the accompanying video, Magpul Industries is developing their own Transformer-esque 9 mm FPG (Folding Pocket Gun).

For those that would rather pass on their own “Glock in a box,” there’s always the Minnesota startup company Ideal Conceal who’ve targeted mid-summer for the release of their potent .380-caliber two shot derringer. The twist with their product is that at a casual glance the folding gun appears to be nothing more than an everyday smartphone.

Also reported recently by the likes of The New York Times and Great Britain’s The Daily Mail, the law of unintended consequences just may have snake bit Barack Obama regarding gun sales. While Obama’s anti-gun rhetoric has been well known since his swearing-in back in 2009, not only is the citizenry purchasing weapons in record numbers for fear of federal laws curtailing or flat-out outlawing private gun ownership, gun manufacturing is one of the very few factory-based sectors that’s seen any real growth.

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