Thanks Harry Reid: Liberals on Twitter want women and children at Bundy ranch killed with drones

twitter-lynch-mob-rectangle-eyebrowsAfter the Bureau of Land Management ceased their cattle-confiscation operations against the Bundy ranch in Nevada, a number of liberals expressed disappointment and anger, apparently saddened by the lack of bloodshed meted out by federal agents.

Now, some have taken to Twitter, calling for drone strikes against the Bundy ranch, despite the fact that such a strike would kill innocent women and children:

This is only a sample of the tweets discovered by Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson, and yes, this is most likely due to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s irresponsible rhetoric calling Bundy supporters “domestic terrorists.”

Reid’s rhetoric earned him what Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars called the “2014 Jenny Award Trophy for Incitement to Civil War.”

In February 2011, this writer first put forward the notion that liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of rage and hate.  Since then, liberals have routinely called for Republicans and conservatives to be killed, proving the original assertion practically every day.

Now it seems that some, whipped into a bloodthirsty rage by Dingy Harry, want the Bundys and their supporters killed.