ThanksgivingAs I sipped my coffee and skimmed through the news this morning, I saw headlines that I never dreamed would be possible in the United States. Remember? Land of the free and home of the brave? The land where Thanksgiving originated? Anyone? No? Sigh.

Fox News reports this morning that there were four officers gunned down in three different states in a twenty-four hour period. According to the story, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus had this to say. “This is everyone’s worst nightmare. You never want to see anything like this happen.”

Meanwhile, WorldNetDaily reports that electors are receiving death threats…yes, death threats…if they don’t go against the popular vote in their respective states and vote for Hillary Clinton. According to WND, Michael Banerian, who is a Michigan official elector, has received a lot of threatening emails.

“You have people saying ‘you’re a hateful bigot, I hope you die,’” he said according to WND. He continued, “I’ve had people talk about shoving a gun in my mouth and blowing my brains out.”

Happy Holidays indeed.

To top off the proverbial cake, The Hill reports today that a record 77 percent of Americans believe that our nation is divided.

This writer believes that the violence and unrest in our nation is partly to blame on our lack of thankfulness. We have freedoms that no other nation enjoys. We have a beautiful and bountiful nation. We are a people most blessed. Why then are we a people most unthankful? Shouldn’t this be the season to set aside differences, if for only a few days, and reflect on what we actually have? What the heck happened to peace on Earth and good will toward men? Wake up, my fellow Americans, and understand that the nation of freedoms that we all enjoy is a foreign concept in the rest of the world.

How then do we stop where we are and start to become thankful again? Let me give you a three step program that will get you back on the road to thankfulness:

  • STOP COMPARING: Look at what you do have. Your possessions may be few and your wages meager but you do have things to be thankful for. Do you have a spouse or a child? How’s your health? Have you had a meal recently? Perhaps you are an American with a job. Don’t compare what you don’t have to what others do have. Look at what you do have and be glad you have those things.
  • STOP COMPLAINING: Everybody has a bad day now and then. Everyone goes through rough patches. Everyone experiences loss at some point. Work hard, be honorable, honest, and trustworthy. Be kind and considerate to one another. Live by our laws and be an upstanding citizen and then be positive and uplifting rather than drag everyone around you down. The best sleep to be had is after a day of hard, honest work.
  • DETERMINE TO CHANGE: There’s a lot to be said for simply making up your mind to do (or not do) something. Determine here and now to have a spirit of thankfulness and to do your best to spread that spirit throughout the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

I hereby call for a return to thankfulness during this week of Thanksgiving. Let’s eat too much, enjoy the company of friends and family, and reflect on who we are and why we were founded…and be very thankful.


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B.T. Horn

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