Texans, Watch Out: Irving’s Junior Jihadi,”Clock-Boy”, Back From Qatar. Hail To Obama, Zuckerberg, Media, ”Islamophobia”, Et Al!

BEFORE we delve any further, let’s set the fact-based record straight: Ahmed Mohamed, aka “Clock-Boy”, did NOT – emphasis placed – invent anything. Period. In reality, the 14-year-old is not only a junior jihadi, but a pilferer to boot!

HEY, Ahmed, and gang of lying jihadis and assorted back-benchers too, you got that? And for good measure, don’t even dare to scream in this direction:“Islamophobia.” It will fall on deaf ears. Guaranteed.

NOW that that is settled, the following excerpts from Sept. 22, 2015 confirmed:

THE so-called “budding engineer” is nothing of the sort. Mind you, there is no claim on this end to being an electronics expert (that’s an understatement, in reality, a hoot), but there are others who are. In fact, here are some of their evaluative diagnoses via requisite due diligence: Looks like the Whole Little Ahmed Mohamed Clock Deal May Be A Fraud! Not only that, it was further asserted: Muslim boy’s “cool clock” is a fraud, says expert! 


The most famous clock in America is a “fraud,” according to an electronics expert who says 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed did not invent anything and simply took a commercial clock out of its manufactured case…..

“Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It’s what makes America great,” tweeted Obama.


Mohamed also received invitations to meet Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and go to NASA and MIT.

Twitter has offered him an internship. TV hosts Stephen Colbert and Ellen DenGeneres have called him….

Nobody said Mohammed built an actual bomb. They suspected that he had wanted tofrighten or alarm officials with a hoax-bomb. The police said that initially, it was “not immediately evident” that the clock-in-a-case was a class experiment – perfectly plausible, given that Mohammed built the clock-in-a-case voluntarily, without assignment, and in conjunction with no science fair.


Chief Larry Boyd said simply and correctly, “You can’t take things like that to school” without explanation or assignment in today’s world without it receiving scrutiny. And according to the cops, Ahmed was significantly more cooperative with friendly media than with the police who came to ask some simple questions.

Now, let’s look at Ahmed’s father, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, a millionaire, social justice activist, and potential tax fraud.


Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, has a lengthy history as a troll and publicity hound. But that’s too negative. He is also a sophisticated and intelligent man., who started from the bottom and worked his way up to the top, ultimately selling his taxi cab company for millions of dollars. His success will somehow be used to show how unwelcoming America is to Muslim immigrants.

Yet that’s not all Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed has done. Mr. Elhassan Mohamed is a political activist who also trolls for attention. He has made two unsuccessful runs for the president of the Sudan.

In a Feb. 2015 interview (Irving resident makes his second bid for election as President of Sudan), Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed claimed to be serving as president of the AlSufi Center in Irving Texas. According to the non-partisan watchdog group GuideStar, the AlSufi Center was shut down for tax issues. (See, Nonprofit Profile for AlSufi Center.)….

It’s no surprise that Ahmed Mohammed’s dad ran to the cameras at the first opportunity. It’s also no surprise that the terror-connected Council on American-Islamic Relations arrived to push the Islamophobia narrativeimmediately….continue here….

FAST forward from nine months ago (“Clock-Boy” and la familia departed from Irving, Texas – the locale where the whole put-up job launched via CAIR, the propaganda arm of the Brotherhood Mafiaan unindicted co-conspirator to the largest terror trial in US history – to live in Qatar, having received an offer they couldn’t refuse from a jacked-up Brotherhood Mafia state), lo and behold, Ahmed has returned for the summer to a combined victory lap and pity-fest.

ON the one hand, he came well prepped to feed the media their dosage of anti-American meat, that which they love to devour: Muslims are forced to endure all types of “suffering” due to bigoted Americans! Never mind that papa became a millionaire under said American boot.

IN any case, as if on cue, this was where the Allah-washing media chimed in.

After a nine-month stay in Qatar, Ahmed Mohamed returned to Texas this week with a deeper appreciation for his religion and a thicker skin.

He’s no longer surprised when people recognize him since his arrest at Irving’s MacArthur High School in September, when a homemade clock he brought to school was mistaken for a bomb.

It wasn’t until family members in Africa reached out that he realized his arrest made news not only in Texas, but across the world.

After photos of Ahmed in handcuffs went viral, a national uproar began about the treatment of Muslims in the U.S. and made him think about how he could use the incident to teach others. 

“I want to help change Texas for a better state, and I hope that not just for Texas, but the entire world,” Ahmed said this week from Irving, where he’s returned for the summer. “People sometimes don’t want to admit their mistakes, and sometimes the best thing to do is to help them change.”

The amount of support he received through social media surprised him, Ahmed said.

He has received hateful comments as well, but he tries not to let negativity faze him. Online threats have made him nervous and the rest of his family tries to stay out of the spotlight, he said.

While he’s in the U.S., he plans to take up invitations to visit well-known companies that followed in the wake of his arrest, even if he gets some negative attention along the way.


He will get a chance to thank some social media giants in person later this summer when he visits Facebook and Twitter headquarters. He has an offer for an internship at Twitter.

He said the first question he plans to ask is, “How did you start?”

“Seeing where they’re at now, they inspire me a lot because they always show how a small weekend project can turn into something big,” Ahmed said.

These days, Ahmed said, if he sees a negative comment on social media, he brushes it off. 

“It’s very difficult for me to read it, so I just ignore it and I just walk past it,” Ahmed said. “Sometimes it gets to me, but I just choose to not let it get to me.”

Ahmed’s father, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, said he was happy to see a wide spectrum of support with the hashtag #IStandWithAhmed. He said the negativity is just one of life’s tests for his son.

“You can’t get honey without the sting of the bee,” Mohamed said. “That is why God changed everything to tell him that the road is open for you, so show us your invention. Show us because we know what you are going through.”

If he could change anything, Ahmed would have taken his clock to the White House when he met President Barack Obama in October, he said.

“It was amazing, and when I met him, he was a very kind guy,” Ahmed said. “It will be sad not to see him in office in a few months.” 

Ahmed knows what he wants to accomplish next: finish school in Qatar, attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and double-major in physics and electrical engineering.

The biggest difference in education between Irving and Qatar is the pace of learning, he said.  In Qatar, each topic is covered in six weeks, such as biology first and then chemistry.

Qatar’s education incorporates learning the Quran and the history of Islam, which Ahmed said he enjoyed. He also visited Mecca, Islam’s holiest city, in Saudi Arabia with his family.

“I felt good being able to learn my religion because it wasn’t an opportunity I had here in the U.S.,” Ahmed said, citing costs and difficulty finding a private teacher. “It was easier because your religion was basically embedded inside the country.”

His next goal is to patent his inventions involving electricity and friction…….

“I just want to invent,” Ahmed said.

DEAR G-d, as is said, slang-wise, in Israel…. ביצים …. ballsy ….   

CONCLUSIVELY, like clockwork, the captured media played up the Allah-bent PC angle, and it meandered along this refrain: oh, Ahmed is being victimized by “Islamophobes”, and they are saying such mean and bigoted things about him! Alas, trooper that he is (duly demonstrated in the above linked article, where he brazenly stated to The Dallas Morning News writer, let this investigative journalist paraphrase: he is trying his best to buck up and stay strong.

CLAP TRAP. Liar(s), liar(s), pants on fire!

INTRINSICALLY, in a tag-team approach, the wholly biased media can be counted on to give jihadis – whatever their age – cover, always lending the necessary space to whine and opine. And, most significantly, to plot.

YES, how stupid do they think the non-comatose public is? 

ADDING insult to egregious injury, shamelessly, he has the balls to spout that he believes MIT lies in his future, and that he qualifies for said world-class powerhouse – unarguably, akin to none other, aside from Caltech. By the bye, this investigative journalist is intimately linked with BOTH powerhouses, and this is no fairy tale. Not only that, he has the gall to spout that he wants to double major in physics and EE, no less, a course of study that even some of the real geniuses at MIT are intimidated by!

BUT one may rightfully inquire: why does this even matter, anyone can dream, aspire, or even hallucinate that they are all that and more? Well, it attests to the fact that he is no dummy, at least in the arena of PC politics.

IN other words, he understands how the PC game is played, yes, papa jihadi taught him well! He recognizes that he is part of a HIGHLY protected class within the west. This upside down nightmare is especially pervasive in America, which happens to be in the grip of cultural Marxists and Islamists too. 

RESULTANT, his bonafides, or lack thereof, will be of little consequence to whoever happens to be top dog in charge of the office of admissions. Simply put, Ahmed’s ilk are akin to Teflon Dons. Making matters worse, indeed, even MIT will look past any proofs that he hijacked a store-bought clock! Why? Even though super star kiddies, world over, are beating a path to their door, suffice to state that administrators would sooner eat dirt, rather than buck PC entrenched poohbahs.

THUS, the upshot is: the same high-level of achievement for everyone else is not a factor, when considering candidates from several protected groups, among them blacks, Hispanics and Muslims. Affirmative action on steroids. But for none more so than followers of Islam. 

INDEED, they are not bound by the same requirements as the rest of the pack: top-flight GPA’s in the most advanced high school programs; stratospheric test scores; science/math super star status in national and international competitions; summer internship programs; leadership in extra-curricular activities, and so on and so forth.  In a nutshell, all of it will be taken off the table for the likes of “Clock-Boy.” Phew.

OOPS, impressing them on a personal interview is no small feat, but Ahmed has nothing to fear. Yup, he will skate through the otherwise herculean process.

AGAIN, two nearest and dearest have been there, done that – and with positive results. In reality, this was accomplished without being part of a protected class. Stipulated, it was more than challenging, jumping through hoop after hoop like a seal, even before stepping foot on said rarefied campuses – MIT and Caltech alike!

OH yeah, who but a junior jihadi – or the likes of a punked-up, stoned-out Hollyweird teen – would have the moxy to pose in a regal manner, as if they own the place, throne-like? Hmm, he is smug in the fact that HUSSEIN Obama – the tippy top of the leadership of the free world – Zukie too – the head of the largest social media site on the planet – among other mega studded crew have his back. Therefore, why shouldn’t he believe he has the west by the tail??

LEST you are wondering, this investigative journalist has the right to use a pet moniker for Mark, after all, coincidentally, he will be front and center in a soon to be released book, “BANNED: How Facebook Enables Militant Islamic Jihad”. Yes, more than earned said right through considerable heavy-lifting.  Besides, some of us have to work hard for our stripes!

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