Terrorists attack Christians, World Ignores

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20130922_pakistan-slide-4H8R-articleLargeA large suicide bombing attack in Pakistan, carried out by two persons, has left at least 60 dead, in an attack on the oldest Christian Church in Peshawar, the  All Saints Church.  It was the deadliest attack on Christians ever in Pakistan.  It is a pattern seen all over the Arab world as the world expresses grief and then forgets each attack, no matter how many women, children, and other civilians are killed.  An additional, estimated 120 were wounded out of the 400 worshippers on hand.

Especially troubling is the fact that Islamic extremists feel free to attack Christians even as the Taliban is negotiating with the Pakistani government for peace.  Not one country in the world is making a big deal from the wholesale slaughter of Christians, while at the same time they criticise Israel for reacting to missiles fired into their country.

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