Terrorist Attack in London Subway


Three people were stabbed in the London subway as the terrorist swinging a machete said that he was doing it:

“This is for Syria”

 “All of your blood will be spilled.”

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Police are handling this as as terrorist attack.  Great Britain is at a disadvantage because they have to deal with Islamic extremists, which the United States apparently lacks, according to Democrats.  We just have a lot of violence in the workplace.  Three people were wounded, one seriously.  That person’s throat was slit, the other two were treated for much less serious injuries and are expected to make full recoveries.

Someone recorded the standoff between the police and the terrorist.  He was finally subdued after having been tasered.


Here is that video:

The attack occurred at the Leytonstone underground station at about 7:00 PM London Time.  Not much more information is available at this time.  If any big revelations are released, this post will be updated.


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