TERROR IN IDAHO: You Won’t Believe what SWAT Teams Did to an Innocent Family


What would you do if you were asleep in your bed and woke up with an assault weapon against your head and your wife is being threatened.  No, this was not a home invasion, it’s your government at work.  You find yourself handcuffed and drug out of your house with no explanation.

Now what would you think after you find out the person they were looking for was a young black man (Who is also innocent) whereas you are a middle aged white man.  And furthermore, you find out they didn’t have the address of the man they were looking for and kicked your door down randomly before putting you through a living hell? 

David and Connie Johnson and their son, Aaron, were snug in their bed, in Boise, Idaho,  and safe in their domain, when the front door exploded and heavily armed SWAT team members rushed in.  One of the SWAT members placed a gun against David’s head and threatened to shoot him while a second member warned Connie that if she moved she would set loose the vicious dog she was restraining.  The family was then shackled and taken outside.

Neighbors started peering out their windows as the cops ordered them back inside their apartment.  At no time did they identify themselves as police.

Just a few minutes later, the same SWAT team that terrorized the Johnsons arrested one of their neighbors, Bill Gerst, making him crawl on his belly to the cops to be handcuffed.  Gerst was accused of threatening a woman in his home.  Gerst tried to explain that he was alone in his house.  He continued to demand to know why he was being arrested and the cop told him, “Shut up!”

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