Terrific: Report says al Qaeda terrorists living in America, getting taxpayer-funded benefits

Terrorists living in KentuckyCall it the kind of “fundamental transformation” that could only happen in Obama’s America.

A report published Wednesday at ABC News says that al Qaeda terrorists are living in America.  Not only that, but two of them lived in public housing across from a bus stop in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and even collected taxpayer-funded assistance.

Examiner reported:

Waad Ramadan Alwan and Mohanad Shareef Hammadi were allowed to resettle in Bowling Green, very close to the Army’s Fort Knox and Fort Campbell, despite having been detained by Iraqi authorities.

The FBI had secretly recorded Alwan bragging about building a dozen or more bombs in Iraq and, according to ABC, he claimed to have used a sniper rifle to kill U.S. soldiers in the Bayji area north of Baghdad.

“He said that he had them ‘for lunch and dinner,’” FBI Louisville Supervisory Special Agent Tim Beam said, “meaning that he had killed them.”

“The two men were also linked to an IED attack in Iraq in 2005 that killed four U.S. troops,” ABC added.

It gets better…

According to ABC, “several dozen” suspected terrorists — including some who have targeted U.S. troops, could be living the country.

Now, doesn’t that make you feel so much better?

Here’s video of the ABC report:

Check out the rest of the report here.