Tenured professor suggests killing fired officer Ben Fields

fieldsWhat should be the punishment for a school resource officer fired for what has been called a brutal takedown of a Spring Valley student over a cell phone?  According to George Ciccariello-Maher, an assistant professor at Drexel Univesity, that officer should be killed.

He made the suggestion on Twitter and later deleted the tweets, but not before being captured by Twitchy:

killfields1killfields2Deputy Ben Fields, the officer involved in the arrest, was fired on Wednesday by Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott.  But that’s not enough for Ciccariello-Maher.  He went on to suggest:

Naturally, that didn’t sit too well with some:



While Field’s actions were seen as overbearing and not up to the expectations of school resource officers, Lott said the student deserves part of the blame.

“When a classroom is disrupted by a student, that disrupts the education process and the students can’t learn and the teachers can’t teach,” he said. “We have to have discipline in our schools.”

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Reports also said that the student punched Fields at one point in the scuffle and Lott said she started it.

“We must not lose sight that this whole incident started by this student,” he added. “She is responsible for initiating this action. Some responsibility falls on her.”

One person asked:


But apparently not tired enough to take action to put this kind of thing to an end…

Exit question: Wonder if Drexel supports tenured professors who suggest killing fired police officers?

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