Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey warns Christians: ‘Buy guns’

Ron-Ramsey-633x362Responding to news that the Umpqua Community College shooter specifically targeted Christians for his murderous spree, Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey issued a stern warning to Christians and defenders of the West:  Buy guns.

Although he said it’s not the time to panic, he said it is a time to get prepared.  While that’s always sage advise no matter the circumstances, recent news of shootings and the left’s non-stop anti-Christian rhetoric is causing more than a few to express concern.

Here’s his Facebook post:


State Rep. John Ray Clemmons, D-Nashville, didn’t like Ramsey’s warning and did what liberals always do — he misquoted and misrepresented Ramsey’s words:

“There is an eerie absence of logic in his statement that ties one’s Christian faith to firearms ownership that is offensive to all religions.  Senator Ramsey is essentially saying that we should all run out and get a handgun carry permit to prove how serious we are about our Christian faith.  Not only must we have a state-issued ID to vote, must we now have one to prove our religious faith?”

Of course Ramsey never said that, but as we know, truth to liberals is like sunshine to vampires…

The fact is, the Oregon shooter was a Christophobe who sought out Christians for murder.  And he’s not the first to do so.

Remember Floyd Lee Corkins II?  He planned to murder as many Christians as he could before being taken down by a guard.  And never forget, he was inspired by the radical left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center…

But don’t hold your breath waiting for liberals or the Obama regime to demand Christians be protected from left-wing lunatics.  After all, there’s an anti-gun agenda to pursue.

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