Tennessee Homeowner Shoots Felon During Home Invasion

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tennessee homeowner
Terry Adams, Jr

Wednesday, March 28, 2018: a Tennessee homeowner shot and killed a convicted felon who broke into his home, hit his wife in the face, stole some guns he had in a safe, and hit him with a blunt object. But the homeowner had one gun left, and he used it to take out the perpetrator and scare off the partner.

Terry Adams Jr, 27, was shot dead after he and his partner broke into the home of Brent Bishop in Nashville.  Nashville police issued this statement:

Homeowner Brent Bishop, 43, was away from his residence when two strange men entered through a rear door and struck his wife in the face.  Moments later, Bishop arrived and noticed that the rear door was open.  When he entered the kitchen, Bishop was struck on the head with a blunt object.  He was ordered to open his gun safe and the robbers removed three long guns and a pistol. 

They should have had a clue that gun owners usually have an extra gun somewhere for self defense, but because they were stupid, they took the three firearms and left. Mr. Bishop retrieved another gun from different room. They just didn’t go far enough fast enough.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Bishop fled out the back door to a neighbor’s house.

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Brent went looking for his wife outside when he once again encountered Adams and his partner. Bishop fired two shots, which took down Adams. The partner dropped the guns and fled. Yes, liberals, a gun stopped a crime, and even got stolen guns back.

Tennessee does have a “Castle Doctrine” for anyone who fires a weapon when a criminal breaks into a home.

Turns out that Adams was also a suspect in the Feb 6 burglary of Bishop’s home in which a flat screen TV was stolen, according to Fox News. Adams had an extensive criminal history and was wanted on two probation warrants at the time he was shot. He was arrested in July 2017 on felony possession of meth for resale and felon in possession of a firearm.

Brent Bishop was hospitalized for a skull fracture after the incident.

Adam’s partner is still at large.

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