Teen tyrant David Hogg: ‘When are we doing a die-in at Trump Hotel?’

Over the weekend, David Hogg, the foul-mouthed anti-gun teen demagogue dubbed the “king of the snowflakes” on Twitter, held a “die-in” which prompted the supermarket chain Publix to temporarily stop all political contributions.  Apparently, Hogg thinks that’s the answer to the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, and now wants a repeat performance at a Trump Hotel.

“So when are we doing a die-in at Trump Hotel?” Hogg tweeted Monday afternoon.

One Twitter user describing herself as a “rebellious teen” said she could arrange such a thing at the DC Trump Hotel.

One person suggested Hogg engage in a debate with pro-Second Amendment student Kyle Kashuv.

Something tells me Hogg would never agree to that…

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Another person suggested Hogg keep his effort local, focusing on the Sheriff’s Department that failed to protect the students during the shooting.

Another person asked:


Apparently not.  Besides, the idea isn’t to engage in discussion, it’s to keep Hogg’s face in the public arena.

I just might pay money to see that…

One critic suggested:

Somehow, we doubt that.

Kashuv responded:

He then suggested a different venue for Hogg’s next “die-in.”

Yes, it would, and the videos and memes that would be produced as a result would be priceless.


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