Teen tyrant David Hogg: Let’s spray paint graduation caps orange for gun control!

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We’ve heard a lot of hare-brained ideas lately, but this is one for the books, in our humble opinion.  On Friday, David Hogg, the foul-mouthed anti-gun teen demagogue dubbed the “king of the snowflakes,” suggested spray-painting graduation caps orange for gun control.

That’ll show ’em, right?

“I will be spray painting my cap for graduation orange to show my support of common sense gun laws, feel free me to join if you want,” he tweeted.

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Naturally, his acolytes supported the idea.


Right…  Orange caps will make us all want to repeal the Second Amendment and give up the right to keep and bear arms, said absolutely no one, ever.

One person said she would, except for the fact that doing so would cause her to not receive her diploma.


Others, however, didn’t appreciate the suggestion.

That’s easy — it’s called the Second Amendment…

Good question…

Others couldn’t help but notice that Hogg chose a color worn by hunters in the field:

One person responded:

A post at the Western Journal noted:

Some bloggers also took issue with Hogg’s latest concept.

“We suppose a spray-painted cap (despite the major environmental damage our young snowflakes will inflict with multiple cans of spray paint) is a step up from the Hitleresque armbands suggested by the same smug little sourpuss last month,” carped Lisa Carr on the VictoryGirlsBlog.

After Hogg’s tweet, other calls were issued to wear orange.

And, Western Journal said, the idea really isn’t all that original:

Orange is also the color of multiple items sold by Everytown, an anti-gun organization supported by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The bottom line is that everything — even graduation ceremonies — will now be politicized in a coordinated effort to get rid of the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms…


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