Teen tyrant David Hogg demands Vice President Mike Pence cancel speech to NRA

On Sunday, David Hogg, the foul-mouthed teen demagogue once dubbed the “king of the snowflakes,” demanded that Vice President Mike Pence cancel his May 4 speech to the NRA convention.

“Demand Mike Pence cancel his speech to the NRA convention on May 4,” he said in a tweet that linked to a MoveOn.org petition.

According to the Washington Times:

The tweet to Mr. Hogg’s 777,000 Twitter followers links to a petition that makes a similar demand of Nick Ayers, the vice president’s chief of staff. It was unclear whether the threat from Mr. Hogg’s followers would discourage the vice president from going to the Dallas meeting.

Mr. Hogg was able to use his Twitter-following last month to force dozens of companies to pull advertising from Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show after she taunted Mr. Hogg about his college rejections.

He was apparently much less successful in a later effort to sic his Twitter followers on investment banks who manage stock holdings in the company that makes Smith & Wesson handguns.

Reaction to Hogg’s demand was pretty much what one might expect:

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Of course.  Liberals, after all, don’t support free speech — they simply reserve it for themselves.

Of course — that’s the liberal way.

Hogg’s followers, naturally, agreed.

Actually, Pence can do that now…

The petition reads:

Mike Pence is scheduled to speak at the NRA convention in Dallas on May 4. This is a slap in the face to Americans—from Parkland to Chicago to Nashville—hurting from gun violence. It’s also a signal to young people organizing historic actions that the NRA’s extremist agenda and donations are more valuable to Mike Pence than the lives lost. Sign now to demand Mike Pence pull out of the NRA convention.

Over 44,000 people have signed the petition.  Pence, by the way, is still scheduled to speak.


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