Teen daughter of WV pastor bullied, assaulted over stand against gay marriage

On Friday, One News Now reported that the teenage daughter of a West Virginia pastor was bullied and sexually assaulted because of their stand on biblical values.

Rich Penkoski, the pastor of Warriors for Christ, a West Virginia-based ministry that appears to have been targeted by Facebook for harassment and destruction, said he and his family have been targeted by gay activists before.

He told One News Now that he and his team were forced to clean about 900,000 “gay emojis” from their Facebook page after a gay blogger noticed his biblical stance on marriage.  He also told the outlet that he receives death threats almost daily, his car has been keyed, and gay porn is anonymously sent to his home.

As we reported, Penkoski was targeted with death threats online which Facebook said does not violate their so-called “community standards.”

Now it seems that his 13-year-old daughter has been targeted at her school.  According to the teenager, middle school boys confronted her about her father’s beliefs on marriage.

“And I said I don’t support that either, I support traditional marriage,” she said, according to One News Now. “And then they were calling me ‘gay’ and a ‘gay Christian’ – and I said You can’t be both, and they said ‘Yes, you can.'”

“And then they were saying I was transgender – and when I wasn’t paying attention, he put the music stand between my legs and said, ‘Oh, look, she’s a boy now. She’s transgender’,” she added.

The younger Penkoski stood up for herself, telling One News Now that she “pushed him and slapped him in the face and he started laughing – and I told him he laughed like a chipmunk.”

Steve Jordahl added:

Ask anyone in the #MeToo movement – that’s sexual assault. Both the school and the local sheriff’s office confirmed to OneNewsNow that they’re looking into the incident.

That confrontation, along with all the other abuse, has made her dad a little angry.

“It’s not a fight that I asked for,” the pastor says. “But you know what? It was laid at my doorstep and I’m going to defend myself. I’m going to defend God just like David did. You can’t sit here and just let this happen anymore.”

We reached out to Penkoski, who said there was a bit more to the confrontation.

My daughter was actually evangelizing,” he said. “She was telling the other kids about Jesus and how I was at the Supreme Court to support Jack Phillips. That’s what led to the gay marriage discussion.”

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He also told me earlier the school was being “wishy washy” about the incident, and didn’t report it when it first happened.  Penkoski told me he believes it’s “all because my daughter said she was a Christian.”

Penkoski, as we reported here, is one of several plaintiffs in a lawsuit targeting the Supreme Court Obergefell v. Hodges decision that made same-sex marriage legal.

His experiences with Facebook as well as accounts regarding the threats leveled at him and his family by gay activists are part of that lawsuit.

As a result of Facebook’s censorship, Penkoski started SocialCross, a social media site geared to Christians.

Penkoski, One News Now said, is pulling his children out of public school and will start homeschooling them.


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