Ted Nugent: ‘I got Piers Morgan’s a*s thrown out’ at CNN, Don Lemon, Wolf Blitzer next

nugent1Motor City Madman Ted Nugent took credit for Piers Morgan’s program being canceled at CNN. He also said Don Lemon and Wolf Blitzer are next.

According to Talking Points Memo, the outspoken gun rights activist made the statement while appearing with Erin Burnett Monday night.

“For anyone to claim that I’m a racist or it had racist overtones is the typical crap that the propaganda ministry and the media, particularly most of your co-workers there, even though I got Piers Morgan’s ass thrown out, and I’ll do the same with Don Lemon and Wolf Blitzer when I can,” he said.

“Nugent’s comment came in response to Burnett asking him to explain his pseudo-apology for calling President Barack Obama a ‘subhuman mongrel,'” TPM said.

Talking Points added:

Morgan told the New York Times that he and CNN president Jeff Zucker have discussed taking his primetime show off the air, which could happen as early as next month. But Nugent, who would surely disagree with Morgan’s calls for tougher gun laws, overlooked that the two had been talking about Morgan staying on with CNN in some capacity — just not as a primetime host.

Watch video of Nugent below: