Ted Cruz: Barack Obama ‘encourages radical Islamic terrorists’ — Video

ted cruz4While appearing at the Heritage Action for America’s second annual policy summit, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, minced no words when he said that President Obama “encourages radical Islamic terrorists” with his lackadaisical attitude and failure to provide leadership when it is sorely needed.

For example, Obama decided to stay home and watch football rather than join 50 other world leaders in Paris.  Priorities, you know.

“In the immediate aftermath of September 11, nations of the world stood with America. The nation of France stood with America. It was sad and unfortunate that we have not seen that same leadership with this administration now,” Cruz said.  “And I would note that that lack of seriousness and purpose, that lack of resolve, is profoundly dangerous. It’s dangerous because it encourages radical Islamic terrorists to redouble their efforts and it’s dangerous because nations like Iran see that weakness.”

Of course, it’s not the first time Obama has snubbed world leaders or “fiddled” like Nero as the world burns.  Remember, in 2011, Obama responded to the downgrade of the U.S. credit rating by playing golf.  Detachment, it seems, is an Obama trademark.

So it’s really no surprise that Obama blew off a chance to take a public stand against Islamic terrorism.

Or is it, as Walid Phares suggested and reported by the Right Scoop, that Obama didn’t attend because the rally was against jihadism or radical Islam and he didn’t want to face questions as to whether he now opposes radical Islam.

Video of Cruz’s comments, courtesy of Breitbart.com, can be seen below:



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