Ted Cruz autographs copy of Communist Manifesto: Here’s what he wrote

cruz-bookA young liberal in Elkhart, Indiana, tried to prank Sen. Ted Cruz into signing a copy of the “Communist Manifesto,” telling the Texas Republican it was his economic textbook.

Cruz, however, didn’t fall for the trick and wrote, “millions have suffered because of this.”



According to a video posted by WSBT22, Cruz paused and said, “You know what, I’ll sign it as well.” The college student replied, “Ah, you have a good sense of humor.”

“There you go and for the record the note I wrote on the Communist Manifesto is ‘Millions have suffered because of this,'” Cruz told the press after he signed the book. “And I note this as the son of a Cuban immigrant whose family has seen first hand just exactly what Communism has rendered,” Cruz told the student.  He then shook the youngster’s hand and thanked him for coming to the rally.

Kudos to Cruz for not falling for the prank, and treating the student with respect while teaching him a valuable lesson.



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