Has the ‘taking a knee’ policy at one California school been misconstrued?

Dana Carter is the principal at the Calimesa Elementary School
Dana Carter is the principal at the Calimesa Elementary School

All the recent news from mostly conservative websites have been blasting a Calimesa Elementary school principal for mandating students take a knee. It’s been seen as “monarch worshipping” and that this principal is on a power-trip.

However, if we examine both sides of the story, we can get a well-rounded version of what this “taking a knee” policy is all about. Some parents are outraged their students are having to kneel before the principal. Some parents have said that it’s not kneeling, and it’s “taking a knee” like football players do. It’s being done to calm them and to reduce accidents like tripping.

From Examiner:

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The headlines are splashed all over the internet about a school principal in California forcing students to kneel before being dismissed.

Has the kneeling policy of this school been misconstrued or is the principal on a power-trip? In all actuality, the students are not kneeling; they are “taking a knee” like football players do.

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