Symbolism over substance: ‘Gun Violence Awareness Day’

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Anti-gunners want people to wear orange to call attention to “gun violence” but armed citizens have a better option: Keep calm and carry. (Dave Workman photo)

Thursday will be an orange-letter day for gun control extremists celebrating their second annual “Gun Violence Awareness Day.”

They will be wearing bright orange and asking others to do likewise.

Doesn’t matter that this sort of symbolic gesture will not prevent a violent crime. The proponents of this nationwide display of garments in a color associated with hunter safety and highway construction sites want a spectacle. It’s their way of pushing an agenda that would further erode the rights of gun owners, including hunters.

It is being promoted by anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety and associated gun prohibition lobbying groups.

But there’s an alternative for legally-armed private citizens. Keep Calm and Carry. It’s a slogan appearing on T-shirts and at the recent convention of the National Rifle Association, a lot of those shirts were visible, along with lapel buttons and stickers saying the same thing.

There will be lots of talk by anti-gunners about the “33,0000 victims of gun violence.” It is a deliberately deceptive figure and the gun control lobby knows it.

According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report, in 2014 there were 8,124 homicides committed with firearms out of 11,961 murders. Even if those figures are not complete, that’s a far cry from 33,000.

The majority of those firearms fatalities are suicides. In Washington State earlier this year, that fact was recognized by the Legislature, which overwhelmingly passed the Suicide Awareness and Prevention Education for Safer Homes Act. This legislation was championed by the Second Amendment Foundation and the National Rifle Association and sponsored by State Rep. Tina Orwall.

The bill was the result of a series of meetings held over the course of several months in 2015 between NRA and SAF representatives and the University of Washington’s Dr. Jennifer Stuber, whose husband committed suicide with a firearm. It demonstrated that gun rights groups are willing to sit down and have frank discussions about genuine safety measures.

Meanwhile, the gun control agenda pushed by the Seattle-based anti-gun-rights lobby didn’t fare well at all in Olympia, even with Democrats in control of key committees.

Washington offers a curious political environment these days. While the state is considered to be politically “blue” due to the liberal stronghold in Seattle, the state Department of Licensing revealed on June 1 that there are now 540,716 active concealed pistol licenses in circulation. That’s up 5,738 over the May 2 figure of 534,978, and it reflects a continued trend that has been going on for several years. It breaks down to roughly one out of every nine or ten adults who are licensed to carry, and about 20 percent of those people are women.

So, instead of wearing orange to deter “gun violence,” Washington’s armed citizens can wear defensive sidearms instead. It sends a different message, perhaps, and it may be a far more effective deterrent.

H/T Seattle Gun Rights Examiner


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