Swedish Woman Raped by Syrian Migrant Commits Suicide

A 30-year-old Swedish woman, Angelica Wiktor, took her own life and became a victim of Sweden’s political correctness in the worst case possible when a Swedish Prosecutor dismissed her rape allegation against a Syrian Muslim migrant.

According to a report, Wiktor over-dosed by taking hundreds of pills due to her case being yanked and she had no other recourse but to end her life and as of now, the Muslim migrant is a free man.

Swedish investigative journalist and columnist Joakim Lamotte reported on his Facebook page that he started getting messages from people who knew the woman in June, after she had written on Facebook that she had been raped in the first week of March. The people contacting him told him that she had committed suicide, after finding out the police had closed the investigation into her rape.

Lamotte decided to investigate and comes across her last message, posted this past summer:

“Victims of rape! Those who do not want to know – don’t read this! He who raped me has gotten a chance here in Sweden. He lives next door to me and a friend of his was there that night. Everything happened in my own house. Late one evening the doorbell rang and I thought something happened to my neighbour, who is seriously ill with cancer, but no… I was trapped in my bedroom, where he raped me while his mate was standing in the hall. Despite reports, interrogation, forensic investigation which found bruising/damage caused by rape, gynecological investigation proving the same, technicians finding evidence in my home, etc. I still received a phone call from the police on my 30th birthday that he was released because of lack of evidence… His friend has been haunting me since that day, looking me up online under false names, and stalking me in real life. What does the police do? – NOTHING!!“

Lamotte continues and stated:

“In the reaction underneath the post, her friends write that she should rest and post hearts and tearful emojis. What exactly happened, is hard to understand, but when I leave Angelica’s profile, it’s impossible to stop thinking about her fate.”

Months pass and Lamotte checks up on the profile regularly, to see if any new information has been posted. After a while, the page changes to ‘memorial status’, as Facebook usually does when somebody has passed away. At that point, Lamotte contacts Angelica’s mother, Lisa Wiktor. She tells Lamotte, that on the day Angelica posted her last message on Facebook, she chose to end her own life by taking all the hundreds of pills she had access to at once. Lamotte:

“The last months had been difficult on Angelica’s parents. Lisa says that she has thought a lot about the rape and why the report has been retracted. She asks me to look into the case and tell her about her daughter. According to her mother, Angelica went through a couple of rough years with a disease of the pituitary gland, eating disorders and drug abuse. After she was raped, the fact that the police dropped the investigation was, according to Lisa, the stroke that broke the camel’s back.”

Lamotte says that Angelica was raped in the first week of March, almost breaking her, and that she told her parents about the rape. They help her with reporting the crime to the police, and take her to the hospital to have her wounds documented. In order to be able to judge the case, Lamotte requests to be given the police investigation report, which formed the basis for the police’s decision to drop the case. The report is more than 70 pages long. In it, is the investigation’s interrogation of Angelica. During her interrogation, Angelica claims, according to Lamotte, that:

“Her neighbor, Adnan, together with his friend Samir [not their real names], came to her apartment late one evening in spring. Because Angelica had taken sleeping pills, she is unsure about the exact timing, but she remembers Adnan pushing her into the bedroom, using violence to force her on her bed and holding her down and raping her. The experience is extra painful because Angelica has inserted a tampon that is now pushed so far inside of her, that she can’t get it out normally the next day. While she is being raped, Samir is somewhere in the apartment.”

More at TheOldContinent.eu.

Aren’t you just pleased that the Obama administration and the lefties feel that anyone can enter the United States and they call it a ‘human right’ and allowed many to enter our nation, many unchecked?

Just ask the Swedish people on how they feel due to all of the rapes and crimes committed by Muslim immigrants have done to their country ever since they open their borders to these people.

If America is not careful, we will see a rise of rape and other crimes, higher than we have ever seen in the past.

The left states that letting in immigrants from many of these Middle Eastern countries is a ‘human right’, well what about the ‘human rights’ of Wiktor?

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The sadness of the passing of Wiktor sets a reminder to us all of the consequences of letting migrant in the world into ones nation, but the left will ignore this.

If this example of political correctness does not wake them up, then what will?

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