Suspect dead, others wounded in YouTube shooting

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Female suspect dead, others wounded in YouTube campus shooting, (Screen capture, YouTube, CNN)

Less than two weeks after YouTube announced that it would block or remove some gun-related videos, an armed woman shot three other people before taking her life at the YouTube campus in San Bruno, Cal., in an incident that is not only ironic but unusual.

It is rare that a female is responsible for a mass shooting, and the fact that this occurred on the YouTube campus stretches the limits of bizarre. Authorities were indicating that the shooting was the result of a “domestic situation,” not an act of terrorism.

According to KING-TV in Seattle, the local NBC affiliate, since 1982 there have been 96 mass workplace shootings in which only one suspect was a woman.

Speaking to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tuesday evening, former FBI Special Agent Chad Jenkins observed that, “This can happen anywhere and we…need to be prepared…we cannot rely on law enforcement or security personnel for our safety, unfortunately.” His message was that everyone needs to have a personal plan in the event of such an incident.

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The Daily Mail reported that three victims were taken to San Francisco General Hospital. They were identified as a 36-year-old man and two women, one 27 and the other 32. There was also a fourth victim reported. The suspect was found dead inside the building where the shooting occurred. It was not immediately known what kind of gun was used, but California has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation.

The New York Times quoted Dr. Andre Campbell, a trauma surgeon at the hospital, who said the wounds in all three victims at that facility did not appear to have been the result of shots fired from a semi-auto rifle. Fox News reported that police had recovered a handgun, but offered no further details.

It might be harder for anti-gunners to exploit this incident since it happened in a very gun-restrictive environment, at a company that has lately made decisions in concert with the current gun control wave.


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