Survey: Las Vegas shooting does not deter majority

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump arrived in Las Vegas Wednesday to visit with victims and families of the Sunday night mass shooting. (Screen capture, YouTube, ABC News)

While anti-gun politicians are scrambling to exploit the Las Vegas mass shooting in an effort to advance their agenda, a new survey by Rasmussen reveals that 52 percent of American adults say the attack “will have no impact on their decisions where to go.”

The Rasmussen poll was released Wednesday morning. It showed that 32 percent of American adults “are less likely to attend an event that attracts a large crowd following this week’s mass shooting in Las Vegas.” Another nine percent are more likely to attend such an event, Rasmussen said.

The gun prohibition lobby is pressing ahead. Shannon Watts, founder of the Michael Bloomberg-backed “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America,” sent an email blast urging people to contact Congress in an effort to derail the national reciprocity legislation and the proposed Hearing Protection Act to make sound suppressors more available.

Watts declares erroneously that the concealed carry reciprocity legislation “would allow people to carry hidden, loaded handguns in public throughout the country without ever getting a permit, having passed a background check or receiving gun safety training.”

Alleged shooter Stephen Paddock didn’t kill anyone with a concealed handgun. He used rifles.

She also asserts that the Hearing Protection Act “would make it easy for anyone — including domestic abusers and felons — to get a gun silencer.” Felons and even accused domestic abusers are not allowed to possess firearms, so even if they could get a silencer, they’d have a fancy paper weight and nothing more.

According to Rasmussen, the survey results show little change from a poll that was taken just after a terror attack in Manchester, England back in May when 20 people were killed.

The Seattle Times editorial board complained in a Wednesday opinion that, “The bottom line is current gun laws failed to limit the shooting of innocent people in Las Vegas. Hundreds of families are devastated, and the nation’s people are fearful that their loved ones might be next.” Evidently, not so much, according to the Rasmussen survey results.

But the newspaper did unintentionally acknowledge something gun rights activists have been saying for years: Gun control laws do not work. But the gun prohibition lobby would never admit this abject failure, according to many people who attended the 32nd annual Gun Rights Policy Conference in Dallas over the weekend.

NBC News reported Wednesday that some GOP lawmakers have apparently “opened the door a crack to discussing gun policy” in response to Las Vegas. But what does that actually mean, gun owners wonder.

Should there be a “bump stock” ban? Have gun accessory makers crossed an imaginary line and actually circumvented the machine gun law?

Congress and the country will have to deal with these questions, and whether anyone has an answer that will prevent horrible crimes without eroding or erasing a constitutionally delineated civil right remains to be seen.

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