Surveillance Video Clears Student of Rape: USC Says It May Expel Him Anyway [VIDEO]

A surveillance video presented during the rape trial of USC student Arman Premjee, 20, was so compelling that the judge threw out the charges immediately without any further trial as it showed the woman and not Premjee of being the aggressor.  This was another in a long line of false accusations made by women who later regretted the sexual encounter and then filed rape charges in order to exonerate themselves.

In light of such compelling evidence you would think Premjee would be totally in the clear.  Not so fast.  USC says they may expel Premjee from the university anyway.  Even though it was her idea to leave the club, witnessed by her leading Premjee out of the bar and even though she signed him into her dorm room and initiated physical contact, the university says she may have withdrawn her permission for sex before it was consummated.

The university would also have to ignore the fact that once they were out of the bar, the woman signaled to a friend a sign that she was about to engage in sex with Premjee by making a circle with one of her fingers and used another finger to simulate penetration.  Yet, in her testimony, she claimed to be so drunk she could not consent to sex.

She wasn’t too drunk to lead him out of the bar.   She wasn’t too drunk to lead him to her dorm room or too drunk to sign him in as a visitor.  In order to suspend the student, the university would have to decide unilaterally that after all of those yeses, she changed her mind, which isn’t what the “victim” is claiming.  She claims he never received permission, a claim that the video obliterates.

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States must pass new laws that make it a felony with prison time mandatory for any woman who obviously makes a false claim against a man, accusing him of rape, damaging his reputation and draining his wallet to pay for a criminal lawyer.  No one denies that a man who rapes a woman should go to prison, but isn’t it time to enact a common sense law to protect men against women who lie?


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