Stunning Poll: Many Biden supporters were ‘voting against Trump’

President Donald Trump isn’t conceding, but a new poll shows an alarming number of people voted against him by casting their ballots for Joe Biden.(C-SPAN snip)

While allegations of voting “irregularities” are unfolding in a few key states, and U.S. Attorney General William Barr giving the greenlight to Justice Department investigations of “substantial allegations,” a stunning new Rasmussen survey has revealed that “a sizable number of (Joe) Biden supporters admit they were voting against (Donald) Trump rather than for the former vice president.”

Rasmussen found that 49 percent of likely voters filled in their ballots for Biden while 45 percent voted for President Trump and four percent voted for a third party candidate. Lots of those votes went to Libertarian Jo Jorgensen, and in some states, that may have been the deciding factor in the final election counts.

“Among Biden voters,” Rasmussen reported, “only 56% say they were voting for Biden. Twenty-nine percent (29%) of these voters say they were voting against Trump, while a surprisingly high 15% are not sure.”

The president has not conceded, and he has a legion of lawyers and partisans in various states looking hard at “irregularities.”

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

A local CBS affiliate in Las Vegas confirmed Trump’s people have been digging into the election results in Nevada, and MarketWatch is reporting that the president’s election campaign has asked a Pennsylvania judge to “invalidate hundreds of thousands of mailed ballots” while a Michigan judge has been asked to void returns in Wayne County, which encompasses the City of Detroit.

According to the MarketWatch story, “The Michigan suit relies on the affidavits of four Republican poll watchers and one employee of the city of Detroit who alleged that she was instructed to backdate mailed ballots, not to require voters present identification before voting, and to not verify signatures on mailed ballots.”

As reported recently by AmmoLand News, there have been reports of suspicious activity revolving around the election, and Trump’s stubbornness has his supporters buoyed while his detractors have been demanding a concession. His campaign has set up a hotline for fraud allegations.

Ironically, weeks before the election, former Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton—whom Trump defeated four years ago—had urged Biden not to concede the election under any circumstances. When Trump follows her advice, however, Democrats and Hollywood liberals are furious.

One consequence of the Barr decision was that Richard Pilger, a Justice Department official in the agency’s Public Integrity Section who handled vote-fraud investigations, stepped down from that post, according to Mediaite.

Even some Trump supporters acknowledge the president can be annoying at times, which may explain some of the backlash. But taken from a different perspective, the president has endured a constant barrage of attacks from the Left literally from the day he took office. It actually began the day he defeated Clinton in a stunning rout of the candidate thought impossible to beat.

For four years, Trump has been under attack, first with the so-called Russia probe that now appears to have been questionable, if not an outright hoax; then with he attempted impeachment and finally with the COVID-19 outbreak that critics on Capitol Hill were all-too-quick to politicize.

Still, the president has accomplished in less than four years what career politicians haven’t done in decades. His policies improved the economy, lowered unemployment even within the minority community, brought back manufacturing jobs to the U.S. that his predecessor at one point suggested were not coming back. Trump filled more than 200 vacancies in the federal courts with constitutional conservative judges and he filled three Supreme Court vacancies with like-minded associate justices. He brokered important peace accords in the Middle East.

Many believe this happened because Trump is a businessman, not a politician. In business, people want to get things done so they can move onto new projects and get them done. Politicians, however, seem to never get things done, so they become perpetual projects election after election.


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