Student union: Prisons are sexist, racist, must be abolished; Pres. said Islamophobic to oppose ISIS

studentsOn Sunday, the UK Daily Mail reported that an influential student’s union has demanded that all prisons in Britain be abolished because they are racist and sexist.  The current president of the National Union of Students, Malia Bouattia, has also argued that it’s Islamophobic to oppose ISIS.

The Daily Mail added:

One of the motions passed at the conference on Saturday was titled ‘Prisons are Obsolete! Abolish Them Now!’, and resolved to ‘call for the abolition of the prison-industrial complex’.

The motion, which pointed to high rates of re-offending and the disproportionate number of black people in jail, concluded: ‘Prisons are sexist and racist.’

Students also threatened to deploy ‘direct action’ to fulfil their aim of disrupting the current prison system.

The group also demanded that anyone being held under the Mental Health Act be handed over to NHS, the British national health service.

It’s not the first time this group passed a resolution like this.

According to the Daily Mail:

Last month the NUS women’s conference passed a similar resolution, titled ‘Prison Abolition is a Feminist Issue’, which called for ‘community and transformative justice’ to replace incarceration.

Whatever that is…

But wait, there’s more.

In a separate motion on Saturday, the black students’ conference voted to campaign against Prevent, the Government’s main anti-radicalisation effort, being deployed in further education institutions.

Which, of course, means that the snowflakes have apparently invaded Great Britain…

Here’s video, courtesy of the Daily Mail:


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