Stop Trump – The Ultimate Conspiracy

Last weekend, a private, no press allowed, top-secret meeting was held  at an island off the coast of Georgia, and the main issue that kept coming up was stopping Donald Trump, (although that wasn’t the planned topic or so they say). This group was made up of a ‘passle’ of movers and shakers in the establishment.  And they just couldn’t stop talking about Trump.

Ultimate Conspiracy

According to the Huffington Post, these are just a few of the establishment people in attendance:

Apple CEO Tim Cook, Google co-founder Larry Page, Napster creator and Facebook investor Sean Parker, and Tesla Motors and SpaceX honcho Elon Musk all attended. So did Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), political guru Karl Rove, House Speaker Paul Ryan, GOP Sens. Tom Cotton (Ark.), Cory Gardner (Colo.), Tim Scott (S.C.), Rob Portman (Ohio) and Ben Sasse (Neb.), who recently made news by saying he “cannot support Donald Trump.” 

According to Huffpo, one of the “highlights” of the forum was when Karl Rove stood up to tell them about a focus group’s findings on Trump.

Wait…one…minute – a “focus group’s findings?” So now don’t try to tell us the topic of conversation was Trump “by accident.” Karl Rove brought his ammo with him to the so-called “off the record” meeting.


One member, Bill Kristol, used a KARL MARX reference in an email:

The key task now, to once again paraphrase Karl Marx, is less to understand Trump than to stop him. In general, there’s a little too much hand-wringing, brow-furrowing, and fatalism out there and not quite enough resolving to save the party from nominating or the country electing someone who simply shouldn’t be president.”

 ultimate conspiracy
With secret meetings, violence at Trump rallies…has the left crossed a line they will regret?

What did they REALLY do last weekend?

Over the last three days violence has erupted at nearly every rally stop for the Republican front runner. The BlackLivesMatter, pro-immigration, and assorted lefties have mounted an all-out attempt to stop his campaign. That coupled with media hype and the harping at Trump supporters as being “uninformed” is becoming a frightening thing.

“The Left has crossed the line” – Col Allen West

Some left wing loon bird jumped on stage in an apparent attempt to attack Trump in Dayton, Ohio on Saturday. Didn’t work, of course, the Secret Service took him down pronto. The suspect was identified as Thomas Dimassimo, who was charged with Disorderly Conduct and  Inciting Panic.

Then of course we had the BlackLivesMatter fiasco that shut down his rally in Chicago, and the 32 arrests in St Louis, as Uncle Sam’s previously reported. Obama’s best buddy William Ayers was involved in that protest in Chicago – you know, that REAL Domestic Terrorist and murderer. There had been a call across social media to disrupt the event.

Organized, planned… what was that again about the “accidental” talking about Donald Trump over last weekend? Though I’d hate to think that those big wigs had anything to do with all this shameful activity, it appears that two groups are coalescing into one giant conspiracy: the protesters and the anti-Trump groups.

The remaining candidates should have kept their mouths shut or supported the First Amendment…instead they came out against Trump. Mistake.

It’s the  ultimate Conspiracy – trying to steal the presidential election by intimidation and major tantrums. Will you let them?

“…never disregard the movement of people who embrace fundamental American principles, the common folk. Trump is bringing together people from across various demographics — say what you wish — and the left just took the wrong approach.” Col. Allen West

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