Stockholm, Sweden – Man Killed, Woman Injured After Explosion

Screenshot of Twitter photo- scene of explosion

A 60 year old man reached down to pick up an object by a Stockholm Metro station on Sunday – the “object” promptly blew up, killing him and injuring a woman nearby. The “object” was reportedly a hand grenade. Police say there is no reason to believe it was terrorism.

Why a 60 year old man – who should have known better- picked up a grenade is unknown. Unexploded ordnance is not something to mess with, IF he knew that it was an explosive in the first place. It was likely an old grenade, many of which have been smuggled into the country. Police in some cities have consistently warned about undetonated hand grenades around the cities.

The incident occurred at Varby Gard Metro station in Stockholm. The adjacent Square was closed for the investigation.

Police do not believe the victims were specifically targeted, and are investigating. They have not confirmed that the object was a hand grenade, but it was reported as such by Aftonbladet Swedish news, and several  other outlets.

“There is obviously something that has exploded strongly …But we will have to wait for the technical investigation.” Stockholm Police spokesman Sven-Erik Olsson 

How many people do you know that accidentally drop a hand grenade out of their pocket? But Swedish police say that if there’s no apparent “command structure” it’s not terrorism.

Sweden has experienced numerous grenade attacks in recent years, many of them in the city of Malmo. ‘Criminals’ can purchase a live grenade for about $140 on the black market. Some of the grenades are leftovers from various wars, and if live, can be highly unstable.

Breitbart noted:

A report in 2017 showed that Sweden has come to rival crime-ridden Mexico for grenade attacks since the onset of the migrant crisis, with the problem growing so acute that a hand grenade amnesty has been proposed.



One Dead After Grenade Explosion At Stockholm Subway Station

“Thee is nothing that suggests terorism”. Maybe an explosive device suuggests terrorism?

STOCKHOLM EXPLOSION: A man died after picking something off the ground outside a metro station which detonated.

Man killed in explosion outside Stockholm metro station after ‘picking up hand grenade off the floor’


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