Stephen King bashes Christians on illegal immigration, gets clock cleaned on Twitter

Stephen-King_lThere’s nothing more annoying than snobby, hate-filled, hypocritical liberals who sneer at others from their ivory towers.  Case in point: Stephen King.

King decided to bash Christians and the Tea Party over illegal immigration on Twitter — because that’s one thing liberals just love to do.  And for his trouble, he got his clock cleaned.

He continued:

Some Twitter users agreed with King, but a lot of others didn’t:

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Because that’s just what liberals do.  As I first noted way back in February 2011, liberalism is an ideology of rage and hate.  And liberals like King prove that assertion correct every single day.

One person observed:

But others, like Dana Loesch, turned the tables on King:

Good questions…

But she wasn’t finished:

Neither can I.  Far easier to sit in one’s ivory tower lobbing bombs at people you hate.

Twitchy asked:  “Another question for Mr. King: You’re a compassionate liberal … what have you done to help?”

Really?  Like what?

Funny, I don’t see any children here, let alone illegals…

Don’t hold your breath.

One person asked:



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