Steel Workers Union Endorses Hillary- She’s no friend of American Workers

The Steel Workers Union  struggled with who to endorse for President, unions are traditionally are Democrat, and ended up with Hillary. But the woman they chose to endorse is anything but a friend of American workers. And not all the rank and file of the union are happy about the choice.

Hillary Clinton so far has received $4+ million from the Laborers Union, $2+ million from the Plumbers and Pipefitters Union, and $1.5 million from the Carpenters and Joiners Union. (Source: Open Secrets). The Steel Worker’s Union isn’t on the list yet, but they will be as the campaign continues.

Hillary’s policies are the same as Obama’s Failures – Unions will not benefit,they will lose

Local Steel Workers Union 1999 stands to lose numerous jobs after Carrier, the heating and air conditioning giant, decided to move its Indianapolis plant to Mexico by 2019. Instead of paying the Union rate, they plan to pay Mexicans $6. per hour.  That’s a loss of $1,400 steelworker’s jobs.

Hillary has said that she’s the “only candidate with a plan” to move forward with opportunities for jobs. What’s her plan for Steel workers?

“I’m going to make the steel industry’s survival one of my top priorities.” Hillary Clinton

She lies. She told Munster Steel that she will stand up to China… Oh, and by the way, China contributed $5 million to the Clinton-Gore re-election campaign in 1996. And it was Bill Clinton, under the guise of “opening word trade” that created a Chinese monster. So she’ll “stand up to them.” Sure.

steel workers

National Interest.org wrote:

Because of her husband’s ill-considered WTO deal, the good old USA has had to endure a tsunami of illegally subsidized Chinese exports, the closure of over fifty thousand American factories, the creation of a huge American army of the permanently angry and unemployed, and a crushing debt of several trillion dollars to a communist country now rapidly using those Made in China dollars to build up a military with the clear intention of seizing territory from its neighbors in the East and South China Seas and pushing the American navy out of the Western Pacific.

She has openly stated that the coal miners were going to lose their jobs and claimed that her”green energy” plan would work to save them. Yet the “green energy” companies that have received billions in money from the federal government have FAILED. Solyndra is just one case in point. By April of 2015, the failure of green energy companies had left taxpayers with a $2.2 billion bill.

Her “plans” are the same as Obama’s failures.

Steel Workers unhappy  over the endorsement

We spoke with Josh Early, a member of the Steel Workers Union and he had this to say:

I believe that Hillary Clinton is corrupt, is a puppet of big business, is a slave to moneys funneled into her campaign from foreign entities, I believe she knowingly and willingly sacrificed those men in Benghazi Libya to both appease a mob and to give the locals a ‘victory’.

I believe that Donald Trump may not be the best choice for President of our nation, but Hillary Clinton is the single greatest threat to our liberty, livelihood, and our very way of life, that this nation has ever faced. I believe that United Steelworkers could have endorsed Trump, or if they didn’t like that option, could support Gary Johnson, the Libertarian, or even the, as yet unannounced Green Party candidate. I believe Steelworkers could also have simply abstained from supporting anyone this election cycle.

And he is absolutely right in his assessment of Hillary Clinton.

A trail of corruption – pay to play politics

As Secretary of State, Hillary sucked up to many foreign governments, receiving millions in donations to the Clinton Foundation. Twenty- that’s 20- countries donated money to the Clinton Foundation during her tenure as Secretary of State and the State Department approved them all to receive a total of $1.65 billion in weapons from the United States. Saudi Arabia contributed at least $10 million to their foundation.

And then the Clinton Foundation’s Canadian branch failed to disclose the names of 1,100 donors in violation of an ethics agreement with the Obama administration.

Unions would do well to forget about the Democratic party in this election. Their policies will destroy, not assist American workers. Clinton is a murderer, totally corrupt, and her plans are failures… she is truly the greatest threat America has ever faced.

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