Staying the Course is NO Longer an Option

“The life of this American citizen, Obama, depends on your next decision.”
– ISIS member who had just beheaded James Foley speaking about the other American captive, Steven Sotloff

The only way to eradicate evil is to expose evil. The only way to expose evil is to understand evil. To understand evil is the only way we will garner the anger needed to stop evil. And the only way to stop evil is to take action against evil. It is that simple.

And in this case I am talking about the evil known as ISIS. We here in America have been somewhat complacent, somewhat immune, and somewhat ignorant as to who and what ISIS really is for the atrocities they committed were always done ‘over there’…done to ‘them’ but NOT to us…that is until this past Tuesday when a video surfaced of a member of ISIS beheading an American reporter…a beheading done in the name of islam…a beheading done supposedly in retaliation for recent U.S. air strikes against ISIS forces in northern Iraq.

Sura 47:4: “…when ye meet the Unbelievers, smite at their necks…”

James Foley, a freelance reporter for primarily the Boston-based Global Post, was abducted in Syria almost two years ago while covering that country’s civil war. And now in this video titled, ‘A Message to America,’ a masked executioner…and notice that these cowards always cover their faces…that very man, James Foley, is seen being decapitated with a knife. And this unfathomable act of savagery…an act our civilized minds simply could NOT fully grasp before now has suddenly been forced into our consciousness because it was done to ‘one of our own.’ And this most unspeakable of all acts was posted on YouTube…and since been removed…less than 24 hours after ISIS declared, “We will drown all of you in blood.”

Removed from YouTube…and herein lies a serious problem. In the past when beheadings were posted it was always of ‘others’ NEVER ‘one of our own.’ While we had Wall Street journalist Daniel Pearl kidnapped by Pakistani militants and beheaded by al-Qaeda’s Khalid Sheikh Mohammed on February 1, 2002, and we had the beheadings of civilian contractors Nicholas Berg, Eugene Armstrong, and Jack Hensley also carried out by al-Qaeda during the height of the Iraq War in May 2004, the truth is that these deaths, at they time they occurred, got a band-aid of sorts put upon them because the reality of how they died was just too much for our western sensibilities to bear. And that was a mistake for these savages raged on and grew stronger as their numbers increased…morphing into even more dangerous groups than those in operation at the time of Pearl’s and the other’s deaths.

And because we allowed ourselves to become immune and somewhat liaise-faire in our attitudes about these unspeakable acts, we have now been forced to look at these videos in a desperate attempt to play catch up, if you will, as we try to understand the mindset of an enemy who uses such savagery as a means to NOT only call attention to themselves, but to control our emotions…to control our reactions…by instilling such fear in us that we remain silent. Focused on by the media whores for shock value and ratings alone, these beheadings…and James Foley’s in particular…must be viewed as a learning tool to expose us to the harsh reality of a fate that might await us all if we do NOT stop these savages now…stop them in their countries before they bring their atrocities to ours.

We must stop them, but to stop them we have to be able to reverse the mindset and overturn the policies of an American president who in his heart does NOT want to stop them in achieving their goal of establishing an islamic caliphate…an enemy who is also out to destroy Israel at all costs. And we have an American president burnt out and disengaged from reality…for if he wasn’t ‘limited engagements’ and ‘staying the course’…’containment’ he likes to calls it…would be immediately replaced with ‘shock and awe’…as in ‘shock and awe’ these savages until ever last one of them is dead. And if that seems harsh to some, those people must now wake up to the fact that we indeed are in a war against islam, and that in this war there can only be one victor, and you best pray that victor is us.

And sadly, in this war we are dealing with an emotionally absent president…a president who goes off to play golf immediately after coldly and uncaringly…with NO fire in his belly calling for revenge…calling for payback…spewed a teleprompted statement concerning Foley’s death…spewed that statement calling the enemy ISIL instead of ISIS to show his brethren that he does NOT recognize the Jewish State of Israel. And we are dealing with a president who refuses to acknowledge the jihad threat at all, for this is a president who stood before those cameras saying James Foley’s beheading was NOT done in the name of religion…was NOT representative of islam…knowing full well that it was for killing those who do NOT believe as they do is a basic tenet of islam. And this is an American president who by his very actions when NOT needed…coupled with his inactions when actions were truly needed…has put America and Americans, both here and abroad, in more danger now than any of us were in the days before 9/11 changed America forever.

The beheading of reporter James Foley was a barbaric act done by savages who have NO right to live amongst civilized men…and it was an act meant NOT only to break our hearts but was meant to instill fear in us that anyone of us could be next. And do NOT for a minute think we couldn’t be for there are mosques throughout our country that are NOTHING but fronts for jihadi training camps…mosques whose members are ‘sleeping’…if you will…waiting for that call to jihad to awaken them to wreck havoc, carnage, and death here upon American soil.

And what of the man who we now grieve for…James Wright Foley had previously been taken captive in Libya while he was reporting in Benghazi, and was held for 44 days before the fall of Gaddafi. He returned briefly to the U.S. upon his release then went back to Syria as a free-lance reporter for the Global Post and Agence France-Presse. Captured again when in Syria, Foley at the time of his death was in the hands of the Dawood Bridgade, a group that was originally aligned with the relatively moderate opposition group the Free Syrian Army, but this group had recently switched sides now pledging their allegiance to ISIS, and James Foley was ‘sacrificed’ as a token of that allegiance.

But it also must be known that Foley went to Syria to show his support for the Free Syrian Army in their fight against the Syrian government of Basar al-Assad. In fact, many of his what should have been professional unbiased reports and tweets sent from Syria (click link to see tweets: https://twitter.com/jfoleyjourno/with_replies) showed a decidedly personal preference for those he personally supported. Foley also had NO love for Mitt Romney nor for Israel as many of his tweets also show.

But in the end as the Obama PR brigade tries to convince us that a ‘serious attempt’ was made last year to rescue Foley and the other journalists held…as Eric Holder and the DOJ announced yesterday that James Foley’s death will be investigated through a criminal investigation instead of being declared an ‘act of war’…there are two points that must take priority over Foley’s ‘supposed’ personal political allegiances…that must take priority over Obama’s attempted cover-ups and lies. First, James Wright Foley was an American citizen who was very brutally, barbarically, and savagely MURDERED for NO other reason than for the enemy to use as a propaganda device to try and scare us into acceptance of their brand of islam and to try and get us to submit to their will. And second, remember always that if ISIS operatives could behead someone who was somewhat sympathetic to them and their ideology can you just imagine what they’ll do to us who are NOT.

Just something to think about…just something to truly fear.


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