The statesman and the changing voices in the Middle East

“The people of Gaza are not the enemies of Israel; the terrorist organization Hamas is the enemy.” – Benjamin Netanyahu defending Israel’s right to exist

He understands…he knows the enemy…he knows the battle well.

Speaking at Wednesday’s press conference for foreign journalists in an attempt to counter what I believe to be the unjust international criticism over ‘supposed’ heavy Palestinian civilian casualties…Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu began speaking in quiet tones at first, building to a voice of a heart standing strong yet with that heart filled with sadness…as he spoke the simple truth that Israel “deeply regrets every civilian casualty” and that every civilian loss is “a tragedy of Hamas making.”

And how right this great man is as he went on to say that Hamas wants civilian casualties…that Hamas wants children especially to be amongst the dead…as Hamas uses their blood for “PR functions.” And as the world falls for Hamas’ lies time and again…as the world continues to condemn Israel as the aggressor…it becomes obvious that the world just does NOT understanding that barbarians are manipulating their minds…are manipulating their hearts.

And as Netanyahu spoke of Hamas’ use of those civilians as “human shields” he stressed that if Hamas had agreed to the initial ceasefire…the exact same Egyptian cease-fire proposal that Israel had accepted and Hamas rejected back on July 15th…that “90 percent of the civilian deaths could have been avoided.” But this too probably fell on deaf ears as did his words that Israel’s right to defend herself is NOT just an issue for Israel but is an issue that the world community must examine…a “test for the civilized world” he called it. But I’m afraid the so-called yet anything but ‘civilized world’ still wants Israel to negotiate with terrorists whose only wish is to see every Jew dead.

Asking, “Can we accept a situation where the terrorists can be exonerated while the victims are accused?” Netanyahu knew the answer to his question before he even asked it, for while many say they support Israel’s right to defend herself they still “refuse to let Israel experience that right,” and it’s sad to say but some of those who deny Israel that ‘experience’ live right here in our own country.

“They would allow Hamas to attack with impunity, saying that since they are firing from schools, mosques and hospitals that Israel should not take action against them,” Netanyahu said. “That is obviously a mistake, a moral and operational mistake” that will give an “enormous victory to terrorists everywhere.”

And again, how right this man is as he spoke these, his first public remarks since the current ceasefire went into effect.

And while Obama’s bloviating mouthpiece John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry continues to spew that there must be compromise on both sides…Netanyahu counters his words and rightfully so that NOT only does he believe that Israel’s response to Hamas’ aggression is justified and in proportion to Hamas’ actions, but that he will continue to do whatever is necessary to protect the citizens of Israel.

So as Egypt tries to mediate talks between the two sides…and kudos must go out to Egypt for openly siding with Israel in this battle…everyone needs to understand that a lasting peace will NEVER be had when the likes of Hamas’s top Gaza official, Ismail Haniya, says before the talks even begin that the Palestinians would “not yield on any of our demands”…would ‘NOT yield’…as in a demand that Israel must give up all for any peace to take hold.

For peace to take hold…but what Hamas and their supporters refuse to understand nor do they care about is that a lasting peace is the actual objective of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge (OPE), for peace can only be had when Hamas is totally disarmed. So as Israel moves forward with its goal to take out Hamas’ tunnels… tunnels used to kidnap and murder Israeli citizens…as Israel moves forward with its goal to put an end to the almost daily launching of rockets into their population centers…as Israel moves forward with its goal of demilitarizing Gaza in order to provide some sense of peace for the people of Israel…sadly it’s still Israel that continues to be painted as the aggressor in the court of public opinion.

Painted as the aggressor by the West, isn’t it odd that the Arab world themselves remains silent for the most part on this current conflict…remains silent for the simple fact that they now see the radical islamic fundamentalists as more of a threat to them…as more of a threat to them than Israel would ever be. And they remain silent mostly out of fear of retaliation against them. Yet after seeing what happened in Egypt when the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood took over, the dynamics and voices of the Middle East have now changed in Israel’s favor even if they haven’t in the West.

Putting this current Israeli/ Palestinian war into perspective by saying, “It’s no longer the Muslims against the Jews. Now it’s the extremists – the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, and their backers Iran, Qatar and Turkey – against Israel and the more moderate muslims including Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia,” Danielle Pletka, vice president of foreign and defense policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute, is trying to make the world understand that Israel is actually fighting a proxy war against for the most part Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood, and that the Arab nations are finally getting it.

Finally getting that Israel’s take-out of Hamas…who is part of the larger Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda network…benefits their nations as well for doing so aids in their internal security and aids in regional stability…but they also know that only Israel has the military capability to do so, and in a way that helps them keep their hands clean.

So while Benjamin Netanyahu has to plead his case on the world stage, I know he knows that once enemies are now Israel’s friend and that once friends are now Israel’s enemies. And rest assured that he and Israel sleep with one eye open for old friends now come as wolves in sheep’s clothing to Israel’s door and that some now ‘supposedly’ on his side are anything but.

“We condemn the Israeli aggression and we support the Egyptian cease-fire proposal,” Jordan’s King Abdullah said last week…taking both sides and taking NO side…more to come on that in the near future.


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