States Trump Feds, Defund Planned Parenthood

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planned-parenthoodWith little chance that the federal government will defund Planned Parenthood, the states are beginning to act on their own.  Louisiana was the first state to defund Planned Parenthood.  New Hampshire and Alabama followed just days after.

Many more states will likely follow suit.  Of course Planned Parenthood and the DemiRats insist it will lead to women dying in the street for lack of care.  That would be true if Planned Parenthood was the only game in town.  There are many other groups that provide the same services to women and they don’t engage in fraud or heinous acts

The states will continue to pay the same amount of money but just distribute it to different groups.  Besides Planned Parenthood have been offering less women services to focus on abortions and the sale of fetuses.

That’s where the big bucks are.  That’s where their focus has been ever since Cecile Richards (Daughter of former Texas governor Ann Richards) became president.  Her daughter, Lily Adams, works for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

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