Staten Island lawmaker: Let’s secede from New York City!

Staten IslandIt seems the Brexit vote has sparked secession fever across the country.  Earlier, we reported that calls for secession are growing in Texas, New Hampshire and California.  Now, Kerry Picket writes at the Daily Caller, citing DNAInfo, a New York city councilman from Staten Island has renewed calls for secession from the city.

According to Nigel Chiwaya, Councilman Joe Borelli called the Brexit vote “inspiring” on Twitter and said residents of Staten Island have already expressed a desire to break free from New York:

Chiwaya added:

Twitter users and journalists were quick to point out that leaving New York City would likely mean an increase in property taxes, along with loss of services from the NYPD, Staten Island Ferry, and other city services. But Borelli was undaunted.

But, he said, Borelli was undaunted:

Kerry explained:

Staten Island attempted to secede from the city in 1993, when 65 percent of Staten Islanders voted for an independent city charter. However, the state Assembly blocked the measure by delaying it until it was too late to vote on the plan.

There were four other efforts, she added, the first in 1989 after the Supreme Court said that New York’s governing structure unfairly empowered the “least populous borough.”

Exit question: How long will it take liberals to call Borelli a racist for proposing this?

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