State Rep. Demands Investigation After Seven Vehicles Carrying a Dozen ATF Agents with AR-15s and Tactical Gear Raided Gun Dealer’s Home in Oklahoma +

AT every turn, the knock-on effects from the ruling junta, that is, the DemonRat-Deep State Mafia (in tow with RINO traitors/warmongers) unmask the dire threats that patriotic, conservative Americans face. It could not be any starker.

WITH this in mind, millions of readers hardly need to be schooled in the ins and outs of the aforementioned perils. But if a poster exhibit is required, the below should suffice.

NOT only that, but for their brazen, brass-knuckled tactics, it would be impossible to understand the linkages, the nexuses, thereof.

MEANWHILE, crazed Marxist/socialist/commie foot soldiers are killing innocents, that is, turning once thriving, livable cities/towns into hellish nightmares, yes, all across the nation! If that is not horrific enough, Biden, Inc./Obama 3.0 imported millions of illegal aliens to gather for the final kill. Thrust.

TO wit, what are patriots gonna do about said treacheries?

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GATEWAY PUNDIT | By Jim Hoft |August 31, 2023

State Representative Justin Humphrey from District 19 in Pushmataha County, Oklahoma, has called for a thorough investigation into allegations of constitutional and civil rights violations by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).

The allegations were brought forward by 52-year-old high school history teacher, Baptist pastor, and part-time gun dealer, Russell Fincher. Mr. Fincher claims that ATF agents employed intimidation tactics and coercion to force him into surrendering his federal firearms license.

Fincher has been a Federal Firearm License (FFL) holder for three years and has mostly dealt with firearms at gun shows.

Fincher claims the ordeal began with a seemingly innocuous call from the ATF in April, asking for permission to inspect his home-based gun business. Fincher willingly agreed and welcomed two ATF inspectors. The inspectors photographed some of Fincher’s 4473 forms with their cell phones, a practice Fincher later discovered is illegal but reportedly common.

According to a report from Lee Williams of The Gun Writer, on June 16, 2023, as Fincher and his son were preparing for a gun show in Tulsa, they were unexpectedly confronted by a massive show of force.

Seven vehicles carrying a dozen ATF agents, armed with AR-15s and dressed in tactical gear, raided Fincher’s home in Clayton. This intimidating display culminated in Fincher being handcuffed on his deck while surrounded by agents. The presence of armed agents and their aggressive behavior left Fincher and his son traumatized.

“It was like the Trump raid. They called me out onto my deck and handcuffed me. My son was there and saw the whole thing. He’s 13 years old,” Fincher told Williams.

“They held me on the porch for about an hour. I was surrounded by agents. One by one, they yelled at me about what I was doing. In my mind I decided if they were going to beat me up over every little thing, I’m done. As soon as I said, ‘If you want my FFL, you can have it,’ one of the agents pulled out a piece of paper and said, ‘Well then sign here.’ He had made three copies in case I screwed one up. It was exactly what they wanted. I was shocked,” Fincher added.

During the raid, ATF agents pressured Fincher to terminate his federal firearms license. They presented him with pre-prepared termination documents and coerced him at “gunpoint” into signing them, using the threat of further action against him and his firearms-dealing acquaintances.

A Colt Commander, five Glocks, and a pristine AK — a Polytech Pre-ban machined under-folder — worth thousands of dollars were among the firearms the ATF loaded up as soon as Fincher surrendered his Federal Firearm License.

“They took more than 50 of my personal guns,” Fincher said. “I asked them why, and they said they were ‘evidence.’ I’d estimate they took $50,000 to $60,000 worth of guns.”

The agents’ actions resembled extortion rather than a legitimate law enforcement search. Furthermore, one agent’s statement, “Tell your firearms buddies we are coming for them,” constituted an unlawful threat and an abuse of authority.

List of firearms ATF seized during their June 16 raid on Russell Fincher’s home (Source: The Gun Writer)
List of firearms ATF seized during their June 16 raid on Russell Fincher’s home (Source: The Gun Writer)

More from The Gun Writers:

After ATF’s SWAT team cleared Fincher’s home, they called the agent in charge of the raid — Special Agent Theodore Mongell — and told him it was “safe to come up.”

“You’re done. We have to shut you down,” Fincher recalls Mongell saying. “You tell all your FFL buddies we are coming for them. We are shutting the gun shows down.”

“One agent told me they hate home FFLs,” Fincher said. “He said if I wanted to sell a Browning shotgun to someone at a gun show with no paperwork, that’s no problem, but when I sell a Glock or an AR lower that’s a ‘gangbanger.’ I asked him where it said that in the regs. He said no gangbanger would be shooting people with a $2,000 Benelli. To me, that was one of the dumbest statements he could have made.”

Continue reading about the upcoming show-down—lock, stock, and barrel!!

MOST significantly, the 2nd Amendment has been shredded, year after year, that is, in preparation for this historical moment in time.

AMERICANS, wake up, stand strong, and NEVER, EVER give up. Given in.

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