Stacey Dash hammers Keith Olbermann for profane tweets, points out double standard

On Sunday, Twitchy reported that Stacey Dash tore into Trump-hater extraordinaire Keith Olbermann on Twitter for his constant, never-ending stream of profane attacks and pointed out the gross double-standard applied to liberal social media users who can’t seem to make a statement without dropping the “f-bomb.”

Twitchy noted that Olbermann “has been on a ROLL over the past couple of days, tweeting all sorts of profanity and statements that would get Conservatives or people with no blue checkmarks absolutely suspended.”

In one tweet, for example, he called Education Secretary Betsy Devos a “m*****f****r,” claiming she would do more damage to schools than a hurricane bearing down on the Texas coast.

In another tweet, he called Sheriff Joe Arpaio and President Trump “Nazi f***s.”


This didn’t sit well with Dash, who responded with:


“Bathtub Boy is going for ‘edgy’ these days,” one person told Dash.  “I would see him sporting a mohawk next, except he’d fret about cultural appropriation.”

“Keith will make you an honorary Nazi, but not before he strips you of your heritage based on your beliefs,” added another Twitter user.


Indeed.  According to CNN, everyone who voted for Trump is now a white supremacist “by default.”  No doubt, they also see all Trump voters as “Nazis” as well.  It wasn’t long ago that all Trump supporters were Russians who need to be tried and executed for treason.  Now they’re Nazis and white supremacists.  One can get whiplash with all this name-calling.

One person advised: “Stacey, watching Keith foam at the mouth may be the best thing about Trump winning the election. Just sit back and enjoy the show.”

And another suggested ignoring Olbermann: “Pay no attention to Stacey. He’s another butt-hurt loser who needs a binky & a safe space.”

One person asked: “Food for thought. Is one white guy calling another white guy a nazi the same as a black guy calling another black guy the N-word ?”


Hmmm…  Additional food for thought: Olbermann appears to be a German name.  As I recall Hillary Clinton, the most evil person ever nominated to the White House by a major party, implied that Trump is a Nazi because of his German heritage.

As we reported last June:

“We are dealing with somebody who is a demagogue, who would rip up our most valued beliefs,” she said in the video interview.

“Yes, [federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel is] of Mexican heritage. Donald Trump is apparently of German heritage. I mean, what does that mean? We’re all Americans,” she added when asked about statements Trump made about the judge.

It’s quite clear that Clinton is implying that Trump is a Nazi because of his “apparent” heritage.

Could that same argument be used against Olbermann?

One person told Dash:  “Shock factor is the only thing Olbermann has left in his vile bag of tricks. He’s irrelevant and knows it.”

One person responded: “But words like this have no shock Factor left. He and other liberals have used them incorrectly so much and for so long they mean nothing.”



This, by the way, comes on the heels of Dash’s criticism of Maxine Waters, the Trump-hating California Democrat obsessed with impeachment and conspiracy theories involving Russia.

Responding to a statement by Waters, she called the outspoken Democrat a “corrupt media buffoon.”


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