St. Louis alderman shows support for U.S. Muslim who threatened to behead critics

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umar-leeUmar Lee, a Muslim agitator who once threatened to behead critics of Islam, was arrested in Ferguson, Missouri, Thursday night.

Antonio French, alderman for the 21st Ward in St. Louis, expressed support for Lee in a tweet using the hashtag #FreeUmar, perhaps because of his radical beliefs.

So, who exactly is Umar Lee?  He is said to have told a critic in 2010:  “i could cut your neck with the sword of islam, and watch you squeal like a bitch like daniel pearl.”  To get an idea of what he thinks, just spend a couple minutes on his Twitter feed.  This is an individual who thinks the Tea Party and ISIS are basically one and the same.  Of course, everyone who disagrees with him is a racist and actually called for “removing” the police:

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In May, Robert Spencer said Lee left Islam, but he returned a short time later.  He is now reportedly raising money to go to Syria.  But for the time being, he’s seems to be busy spreading hate and discontent in Ferguson.

This is the individual French supports:

Naturally, French was criticized for supporting Lee.

Why not? It could be a resume enhancer, especially if he seeks a higher office as a Democrat…


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