St. Landry Parish Police Capt. Targets Suspected Gang Members, ACLU Cries Foul

St. Landry Parish Police Capt. Targets Suspected Gang Members, ACLU Cries Foul
St. Landry Parish Police Capt. Targets Suspected Gang Members, ACLU Cries Foul

A St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, Sheriff’s Office Capt. Clay Higgins, on Wednesday appeared in a public announcement about a search for alleged members of the Grimlyn street gang, who have committed a number of crimes, including murders and witness intimidation has upset the ACLU of Louisiana.

Higgins, in the public service announcement, stating in stern authority, that these gang members need to be found, arrested and asked the public for help. Ten accused gang members are already under arrest, but seven remain at large.

During and after his public video, part of the crime watchers campaign, Higgins stated, “Every one of these animals is armed and dangerous. I’m Captain Clay Higgins asking every patriot to stand up and share this message.”

A report from KATC News in Louisiana stated that the members of the Grimlyn Gang have racked up dozens of arrests between them and have been accused of dealing drugs, posting photos with weapons on Facebook, Instagram and You Tube, obstructing justice by threatening with witnesses and victims, and more, including using their families to cover up their crimes.

Furthermore, the members are accused of committing violent crimes, according to the indictment. However, most of their violent crimes were dismissed, most of the time because victims refuse to cooperate due to fearing for their lives. Two of the gang members have also been accused of murder.

While Higgins and the Louisiana law enforcement community are working to make their communities safe from gangs, the ACLU of Louisiana cried foul and lashed out at Higgins and his video concerning public safety.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Louisiana forwarded a statement regarding the segment to KATC News and said in-part, “While we support legal law enforcement and certainly are as concerned as anyone about violence in our neighborhoods, law enforcement officers must be aware of the implications of their public statements. Assuming that what is reported is true, Mr. Higgins has suggested that those he seeks to arrest are subject to execution before trial. The statement that there is a “bounty on their heads” harks back to lawlessness, when people were killed first and questions asked later. That is not the way we operate in a free society, and regardless of Mr. Higgins’ opinions about the guilt of those he seeks to arrest, it is a felony to execute someone simply because you don’t like them.”

“He refers to those he seeks to arrest as ‘heathens.’ ‘Heathen’ is a religious term, and unless Mr. Higgins has specific information about the religious beliefs of those individuals, it is both inappropriate and incorrect. And even if it’s true that these individuals, or some of them, are religiously ‘heathen,’ that is of no consequence to their status as criminal suspects”, the ACLU stated. “Unless Mr. Higgins believes that all law-abiding people share his personal religious faith – and if he does believe that, he should not be an officer of the law – to call someone a ‘heathen’ and equate that to ‘criminal’ is simply insulting, wrong, and potentially a violation of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.”

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and its origins are deeply entangled with Communism. The founder, Roger Baldwin caught the eye of the FBI in 1924 when Baldwin was quoted as saying, “The right to advocate a violent revolution, assassination, and proletarian Red guard, are all clearly within scope of free speech …”

Furthermore, Baldwin traveled to Stalin’s Russia in 1927 and wrote a book titled “Liberty Under The Soviets” the following year, which defended the Lenin’s and Stalin’s repression of dissent because they “are weapons in the transition to socialism”.

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