Spotted Owl Helper For Lunch, Anyone?

Spotted Owl Helper for lunch, anyone? Perhaps smoked Washington apples for dessert? It seems that something similar to the effects of a nuclear winter is blanketing much of the western United States thanks to massive forest fires which are the result of more than 40 years of far left left-wing radical extremism in the name of the environment.

Remember the Spotted Owl debacle? Birds and wildlife across the west are now dying from the smoke, not to mention humans with respiratory illnesses.

I’ve seen the effects myself only today. Hawks and other large birds of prey sitting on or near the ground because it is too smoky in the treetops. There is more oxygen at or near ground level, so they have to sacrifice the safety of the treetops in order to breathe.

Holy Fire burning in California – 2018

Thanks to groups such as the Sierra Club, logging which would have prevented the massive forest fires we’ve been seeing over the past 20 years have decimated the American west.

It was never about the environment, it was about political control. Hindsight being what it is, I’m wondering now how many Spotted Owls have been fricasseed in the treetops of the Pacific Northwest since preventive selective logging was banned on Forest Service and other public lands?

Logging on federal lands in the Pacific Northwest as well as in the inter-mountain west has declined by 80 percent since its heyday in the mid-1980’s; largely because of the spotted owl debacle.

The Sierra Club and other so-called “environmentalist” groups have done everything in their power to stop logging across the west in the pseudo name of “environmentalism.” They couldn’t have cared less about the human impact, nor the impact it would eventually have on wildlife. Their actions put tens of thousands of logging families out of work, and shut down the industries that were dependent on them; all the while driving lumber prices sky high.

The effects of carbon emissions into the atmosphere from these fires makes the carbon emissions of industry barely a blip on the screen. Perhaps we should send the Sierra Club a massive bill for the carbon emissions they have created by their lack of critical thinking?

As I am writing this, the air quality in eastern Washington and north Idaho is at 301 on a scale where 500 is the highest level. It is in the Extremely Hazardous level for all humans, not just those with respiratory problems.

And what about the environmental impact of untold trillions of board feet of timber being torched into the atmosphere?

When millions of acres of land are cremated, it creates the equivalent of a Superfund cleanup site. Runoff from rainstorms into the watershed areas affects water quality, killing millions of fish in the lakes and downstream areas the watersheds flow into; along with pumping mud and nutrients from the affected soil into the lakes and streams, creating further environmental damage.

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Let’s look at what could have been a better alternative:

Timber that burned could have been logged and exported overseas, benefiting our economy and keeping tens of thousands of logging families off the welfare rolls. Environmental damage would have been negligible to non-existent, citing the minimal damage by comparison of damage caused by logging roads.

Thank God we finally have a common sense answer, but what about the damage created by these extremist groups? They need to pay and pay dearly, for the carbon footprint they have left behind.

Public Lands for Public Use


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