Speaking of ‘Nothing Burgers’…When will Hillary just go away?

Will Hillary Rodham Clinton just please go away?

That seems to be the common sentiment as the two-time-loser Democrat presidential candidate continues her “Blame Tour.” On Wednesday, she was interviewed by Recode’s Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, during which she expanded the list of those responsible for her surprise loss to Donald Trump last November. Her name does not appear on the list.

But, according to CNN, room has been made for the New York Times, the Democratic National Committee, former FBI Director James Comey, Russians, the media and Trump.

According to a Trump tweet, she simply cannot acknowledge that she was “a terrible candidate.” She talked down to people, lecturing rather than communicating.

She took voters in Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, Pennsylvania and other critical states for granted.

She never offered a vision, leaving far too many people with the impression that she wanted to “be” something rather than “do” something.

From the outset, Clinton created the image of a political candidate who was convinced that her victory was pre-ordained; that she would stroll back into the White House while basking in the warmth of an adoring “free stuff army” of far left droids.

Real people really don’t like that. Clinton simply could not grasp the fact that her arrogance, her open threat to the Second Amendment, her callous disregard for the Benghazi disaster and her elitist self-righteousness turned people off. There were legitimate questions and concerns about her health that went unanswered, and concerns about her irresponsible use of a private email server that were casually dismissed by the candidate.

So, when she commented on media interest in her server fiasco, according to RT, she could only tell Mossberg and Swisher that “it was the biggest ‘nothing burger’ ever.”

Translation: It was never her. It was always something else, something insignificant to Clinton’s personal “big picture.” And that picture invariably started and finished with Clinton’s coronation as the first woman president, the center of attention, the smartest woman in the room, if not the world.

That just might be the definition of a “nothing burger.”



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