SPARKS FLY: Bongino & Geraldo Clash Again Over Race And Policing ‘You Sonofabitch’ (VIDEO)

It was pretty clear early on that this segment was going to go sideways in a hurry. Geraldo was still nursing a grudge from the spanking he got on Monday.

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Geraldo — a lifelong reporter — thinks he’s got a brilliant solution for how he can bring down the number of officer-involved shootings, and he lays out his brilliant plan for Bongino (who was an actual cop) to respond to. But that’s not the only thing he had to say. Before getting to that point, he made sure he burned tv time to tell the world what an amazing and accomplished journalist he was, and how much experience he has with police, how he loves them and they love him.

It’s the sort of thing one would normally associate with the sad cry of an insecure man with something to prove, not what we would expect from an accomplished professional with 50 years of journalistic experience.

Then Bongino gets a chance to reply, and takes a moment collect his thoughts before responding to the ‘bold’ idea of having police wear the firearm on their non-dominant hand, and the non-lethal force option on the dominant side. Dan literally says, ‘I don’t even know how to respond to that. Give me a second here to digest the stupidity of that.’

And that’s when Geraldo exploded and ranted all through Bongino’s speaking time again.

That’s not even the interesting part yet.

You didn’t wear a badge. Period. Not interested in your reporting on it, because reporters deal in facts, and you brought the race card into it. (Geraldo jumps in again.)

There was some back and forth, Geraldo citing the mainstream press, and Dan citing DOJ statistics and investigation… and at the end of it Geraldo claimed that HE was the one that was citing facts, and blasted Bongino for ignoring facts that didn’t fit his narrative. (All while returning again and again to the emotionally charged language of ‘black mothers’, etc).

Bongino finally gets a chance to address Geraldo’s big idea of switching which hip the taser and firearm are worn on. The problem with that is the cross-body draw. If you are tackled and put on the ground, that weapon becomes more accessible to the bad guy than to the cop who might need it.

We have to ‘reassure’ the black public that cops aren’t ‘out to get them’, he claimed. Dan went back to his point of saying that race-card playing like this is a big part of why there is so much distrust in the first place.

Hannity tried to restore order and redirect the topic away from that flashpoint and talk about the staggering number of cops whose lives have been lost in the line of duty… names and numbers we do NOT hear day after day and a context that’s usually missing in how high the stakes are for the officers having to make these split-second life-or-death decisions.

Now for the part where it starts getting spicy.

BONGINO: It’s happening because the people like Geraldo continue to pump out a race narrative with no data to back it up at all

GERALDO: (crosstalk throughout)

BONGINO: In the course of each day, if there were a plague of police officers hunting black men down at night then I don’t understand. If that’s happening, where is all this massive bodycount we would see? He’s just making this up. No data to back that up. He doesn’t know anything about that woman. He doesn’t know anything about that woman. Anything. He’s injecting race into the argument because he has nothing else. That’s why.

GERALDO: You tell that to the black families who have their sons

BONGINO: There you go…

GERALDO: at twice the rate

BONGINO: That’s all you’ve got. You’ve got nothing else, buddy.

GERALDO: That’s a fact.

BONGINO: You’ve got nothing. All you’ve wanna do is see the country burn. You just wanna see the country burn.

GERALDO: I want to see the country burn? You sonofabitch! I want to see the country burn?

BONGINO: You’re making a race war out of it.

GERALDO: You punk! You’re nothing but a punk.

BONGINO: Yeah. (laughs)

GERALDO: You’re a punk, Bongino. You’re a punk.

BONGINO: You wouldn’t tell me that to my face.

HANNITY: We’ll leave it there.

[end segment]

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