South Dakota Antifa Terrorist Arrested with Bombs, Guns

On Tuesday, July 17, Mark Einerwold, 43, was arrested by authorities after connecting him to three burglaries in Sioux Falls. But when they served a search warrant on his house and vehicle, they found Antifa terrorist materials, bombs, and multiple firearms. Officials stated that they found material that revealed Einerwold had an “extreme hatred for police, fire and government.”


“We don’t know what his intentions were… But it’s pretty safe to say, we stopped something from happening.” Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Captain Jason Gearman

The search warrant was served at 4:45 p.m. on Tuesday, according to KDLT. When police found bomb-making chemicals and devices, they called the Sioux Falls Police Bomb Squad. The area around the house was evacuated, and residents not allowed to return until Late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning.

The chemicals found were ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder, as well as multiple devices. They found materials and a jacket that revealed Einerwold’s connection to the left wing terrorist group Antifa. An IED was found inside Einerwold’s vehicle and neutralized on site.

“The association with Antifa really concerns us,. They don’t have a list of people on their website, obviously, but his, we did find evidence that he associated himself with that.”  According to Keloland, Captain Gearman also mentioned they “haven’t dealt with them around here.”

The Argus Leader reported,

In court, the prosecutors said that when police searched Einerwold’s home, a pistol, sawed-off shotgun and a silencer were found in a backpack believed to be the same one used in several local burglaries. They also said authorities found a “manifesto” or document that included threats toward law enforcement and the government.


The rabidly left wing Dakota Free Press immediately attempted to associate Einerwold with supporters of the Second Amendment based upon a Facebook page they found. It is unclear if the person the DFP found is the same as the one arrested, but the Mark Einerwold they found does supposedly live in South Dakota.

He claims to be “self-employed” and working for the US Army.There are several things on his page that do not add up, which makes us suspicious that the page may not be real. He only has 14 followers and supposedly he’s been on FB since 2008, which seems highly unlikely.

The Facebook profile has many pro-Second Amendment posts, none of which are particularly threatening in nature, and wouldn’t qualify as a “rant.” He also has “liked” many 2A pages, but they are not marked as being “followed.” He has marked the pro-police page Blue Lives Matter and the Tea Party as “following.”  Is it a troll page set up by the left because they knew Einerwold was planning something and needed to blame it on 2nd Amendment supporters? Things that make you go hmmm.

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At any rate, there are questions here.

Einerwold was charged in Minehaha County with “one count of third-degree burglary, one county of felony intentional damage to property and two counts of possession of a controlled weapon. He is also being charged with the sale and transportation of a destructive device.”

In Lincoln County he is charged with “two counts of third-degree burglary, two counts of intentional damage to property and two counts of possession of weapon or tools with intent to commit burglary.”

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