South Carolina flood victims literally cling to the Cross (video)

crosssouthcarolinaColumbia, South Carolina – Obama has complained about Christians clinging to their religion, but in Columbia, one grandmother and her grandson literally clung to the Cross as South Carolina flood waters raged around them.

CBS reported the story of Clara Gantt, 71, whose car suddenly stalled in the middle of a bridge as she was headed to church last Sunday. The car was immediately engulfed in roaring flood waters, which  pushed it into the front yard of a church.

Clara called her family as the waters rose to her neck. She prayed as fear washed over her.

“I am afraid. I want to get out of this.” Clara Gantt

 south carolina flood
Travis Catchings smiles at his grandmother as the two cling to a large red cross in the raging flood waters

CBS reported,

All of a sudden, she saw her grandson Travis Catchings. He had secured himself to a rope, and floated her way. “I was so glad to see him, but I was afraid for him too,” Gantt said.

Her grandson said, “I just looked at her and said, ‘Hey memaw.’ And I smiled at her and she smiled back, and she said, ‘Hey Trav.'”

He pulled Gantt out of the car. To keep from being swept away, Catchings grabbed a large red cross that was in the church yard. Together grandmother and grandson held on for four hours. While waiting, Catchings recorded the moment on a cell phone.

“It was like being in the midst of a raging river,” said Catchings.

“I cling to the cross every day. Sunday I was literally clinging to a cross,” said Gantt. This grandmother is thankful for her faith and her grandson.

The Cross that saved their lives

The large red cross that they clung to disappeared into the flood waters after they were rescued. More rain is expected in South Carolina today, something the flood-soaked state does not want. But for Clara Gantt and her grandson, faith meant holding on tight to a Christian reminder of salvation. In their case…it was literal.

[Editor’s note: These are the kind of people CNN’s Sally Kohn compared to the Muslim Brotherhood.]


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