Sources: Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski will not be prosecuted, Fields may pursue defamation case

FieldsOn Wednesday, Politico reported that Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski will not be prosecuted for battery, citing sources familiar with the case.

The charges stemmed from a run-in with former reporter Michelle Fields, who alleged that Lewandowski grabbed her as she was trying to interview Trump.

But that doesn’t mean the issue is closed.  Politico added:

Fields may still pursue a defamation case against Lewandowski, a source said.

Fields filed a police report last month after Lewandowski grabbed her by the arm and moved her out of Trump’s way following a press conference at Trump National Gold Club in Jupiter. She said he left bruises on her arm. Police later charged Lewandowski with simple battery, video from surveillance cameras that shows Lewandowski reaching for and grabbing Fields.

Aronberg would not comment, but in a POLITICO interview last week, he pointed out that Jupiter police had a low “probable cause” standard to cite Lewandowski for battery. But the responsibility for moving forward with a full-blown prosecution rested with Aronberg’s office, which had to consider whether a crime occurred and whether they believed a jury of Floridians would prosecute.

Fields did not comment on the record and Lewandowski could not be reached, Politico said.  Fields, however, responded on Twitter:

After the incident, Fields resigned from Breitbart along with Ben Shapiro and at least five others, saying the pro-Trump site did not support her.

The Trump campaign initially said nothing happened, then questioned her character, prompting a flood of hate from supporters.  At one point, Fields had to flee her apartment after receiving death threats.  One person threatened to slit her throat if she didn’t drop charges.  That threat is still under investigation.


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