Sour grapes: Donald Trump accuses Ted Cruz of stealing Iowa election, demands do-over

trump-shootSo much for the comity he showed Monday night.  Repeating the claim that Ted Cruz said Ben Carson was dropping out of the race (which, as we reported here, he didn’t), Trump accused Cruz of stealing the election:

Here’s what CNN reported.  As Twitchy noted, readers should check out the countdown clock in the lower left.

Cruz, of course, apologized:

Trump further claimed:

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Now, he’s demanding a do-over of the election:

But he wasn’t finished:

Sorry, Charlie, that just isn’t going to happen.  This is nothing but sour grapes over the fact that voters in record numbers chose Cruz over Trump.

Here’s some reaction to his online temper tantrum:

Or holding your breath until you turn blue?


Does he even do that?

Sour grapes never sits well. Trump should either put on his big-boy pants or take his marbles and go home.  The Iowa Caucuses are over and it’s time to move on.


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