Sore losers: London seeks independence from UK

London culture on the march. (Wikimedia-Commons)
London culture on the march. (Wikimedia-Commons)

For those that missed the wall-to-wall coverage of the recent Brexit referendum held in the United Kingdom, fret not, there’s more to come. Specifically, Scotland and Northern Ireland aren’t the only ones banging the secession drum.

As reported by Asmita Sarkar of the India edition of the International Business Times on June 26, 2016, there’s a movement gaining steam for the city of London to declare its independence. While the Scots and those in the north of Hibernia have been making noise regarding disuniting the United Kingdom, the city that started out as Londinium may be on it’s way to becoming the next European micro-nation.

In general, while Northern Ireland and Scotland overwhelmingly voted in the recent national referendum to remain within the European Union, England and Wales saw things somewhat differently. With the English and Welsh Electoral Commission areas a sea of Leave blue, the sole island of Stay yellow was London.

And it certainly seems the residents of jolly old London Towne aren’t taking rejection all that well. As of press time, over 160,000 world-wide have added their names to an internet petition requesting the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, do everything in his power to secure independence for the Greater London Metropolitan Area so the city could remain in the European Union.

With the e-petition the brainchild of London resident and writer James O’Malley, he inserted the verbiage making clear he considers London a “metropolitan city and wants to remain at the heart of Europe.” Also injected into the cyber-document, “So rather than passive aggressively vote against each other at every election, let’s make the divorce official and move in with our friends on the continent.”

Possibly proving that O’Malley either has his eye on a future in politics, or is a world-class panderer, O’Malley played on Khan’s ego. Arguably knocking any seriousness out of the petition, O’Malley queried, “Mayor Sadiq, wouldn’t you prefer to be President Sadiq? Make it happen!”


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