Son of Hamas leader breaks silence: They MUST be stopped!

BACK in the day, close to a dozen years ago, a main Intel contact had a “sit-down” with the “Son of Hamas.”

IT must be noted: this experienced operative set the ground rules, so to speak, and Mosab Hassan Yousef agreed: it will remain out of the public domain, plus other stipulations.

IN this regard, the below video is beyond timely, urgent, and germane, that is, even though his mind-blowing book was published in 2010.

ASIDE from all of the in-your-face, genocidal barbarism via HAMAS,

there has yet to be such a high-value target, top-tier insider, a “princeling”, in a manner of speaking, who renounced his murderous familial roots. So much so, regardless of his prior privileged, bullet-proof status, said departure took an enormous amount of courage, coupled with cajones!

IN fact, it makes the defection of the progeny of Mafioso Chieftains, a/k/a La Familia, appear akin to kindergarten play  — even though it is considered a death sentence for said betrayal.

NOT only that, the fact that the “Son of Hamas” ended up converting to Christianity, well, he became an apostate; a dog of all dogs in the eyes of Allah under Sharia Law!

MOST urgently, in light of all of the above (plus so much more), when factoring in the recent genocidal war ala HAMAS, the above linked video with FOX is non-optional viewing — at least for those who claim to care about the survival of Israel!

HERE too:

AS such, if nothing else,


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